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Monday, October 23, 2017

Recommendation for Book by Jacques Vallee: Forbidden Science, Vol. 3, aka Forbidden Science 3

A recommendation for a book by astronomer/computer scientist Dr. Jacques Vallee, entitled Forbidden Science, Vol. 3 (hardcover version) and Forbidden Science 3: On the Trail of Hidden Truths (softcover/paperback version).

This is an excellent book! The book is semi-autobiographical, because it is largely based upon notes that Vallee regularly made in his personal journal during the period 1980-1989, along with excerpts from notes that he sent to his wife while he was traveling, interspersed periodically with his reflections penned in the present day as he looks back on his early notes from that period..

When it comes to strange science, fringe science, and the topic of UFOs and anomalous events (aka "anomalies"), I have always held Vallee in very high esteem, because he thinks very clearly and he is very grounded, and also because his primary hypothesis regarding the origins of UFO and anomalous events phenomena is pretty much the same as mine, namely, that they fall into the paranormal realm, and that the UFOs, Men In Black and other anomalies are essentially what the Tibetan Buddhists have, for thousands of years, called tulpas (sometimes referenced as tulkus), that is, temporary manifestations in our world of things from an alternate dimensional world or from the astral plane; this is sometimes referenced as a temporary appearance of interdimensional beings/things due to some degree of paranormal intervention (often on the part of persons who are present at the event, and who have, perhaps unknown to themselves, a certain degree of paranormal psi abilities).

In any case, I wish to extend my sincere heartfelt thanks to the author for having taken the time and energy to compile and edit this book, and to publish it. I appreciate it very much, and it was a very fun read! He is also a good writer, and a good social commentator.

For those who may not be familiar with this series, this book is the third volume in Vallee's series of books on his experiences in the realms of strange science, fringe science, alchemy/ormus, alternative health, metaphysics, paranormal research, and UFO & anomalies research, and it covers his memories of his experiences in these fields between 1957 and the end of 1980. Volume 1 of the series deals with his experiences and memories in these realms from 1957 through the end of 1969, and Volume 2 deals with his recollections of his experiences during the period 1970-1979.

Another large reason why I personally found the book to be of particular interest is because I had some interactions during that time period (1980 through the end of 1989) with at least two of the persons whom Vallee mentions repeatedly in his recollections in this series (i.e., volumes one, two and three). One of those persons was UFO/anomalies/paaranormal topics author John Keel, and the other was the then-famed and at-times-infamous Dr. Andrija Puharich, the MD/psychiatrist turned strange science/paranormal researcher who had semi-stalked me -- as I have recounted in a tale recounted on one of my websites -- for a while in the early and mid-1980s under the mistaken belief (given to him largely by his favorite channelled entities (including the Council of Nine) that I was in possession of numerous long-lost "secret" Nikola Tesla documents and Tesla technical secrets regarding "free energy"; Puharich even claimed for a time that I was a reincarnation of Tesla, which is assuredly not true. (Interestingly, on the topic of reincarnations of Nikola Tesla, a few authors, podcasts, and websites have claimed that my friend and colleague, G. Patrick Flanagan, the inventor / researcher / scientist who wrote the "Pyramid Power" books in the 1970s, is a reincarnation of Tesla, and I find that newer variant of the claim to be far more reasonable and believable than the similar claim that Puharich had made about me back in the 1980s...!)

Overall, this is a great book! I recommend it highly! If you have any interests at all in the paranormal, history of paranormal research, UFOs and anomalies and/or the history of the UFO movement, the wild and wooly realms of fringe science and strange science, or metaphysics, then you, too, will be EXTREMELY happy once you have gotten your grubby little hands on a copy of this book!