I am a scientist, mystic and spiritual healer. My life straddles the worlds of so-called "left-brain" and "right-brain" interests. I trained at the undergrad level in electronics engineering and astrophysics, and at the graduate level in clinical psych, the health sciences and acupuncture, and have a Master's degree in the sciences. I work largely as a research and consulting scientist in some mainstream scientific fields and in fringe science, aka "strange science" fields as well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Memoriam: Dr. G. Rangaswami; Pioneer of Microbiology and Biochemistry Education in India

Hi folks:

In memoriam: This is the fifth anniversary of the death of Dr. Govindachetty Rangaswami (1925–2005), whom I always simply called "Dr. G", since his real name was somewhat unpronounceable to me. Dr. G. was one of the leading pioneers of biochemistry and microbiology in India; he had earned his PhD at Rutgers in the 50s. While I was in Tamil Nadu state on a consulting job in 2005, he heard that I was working with beneficial SAMT4 microbes, and he asked to meet with me; and I met him at length at his hotel in Chennai (accompanied by a young Indian PhD microbiologist from a client company) and then again at a client's lab in Chengalpet a few days later, where we discussed beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes and their applications at length; we also visited one of my project field sites together after the latter meeting. I learned later that Dr. G. had died in an auto accident two weeks after I left India.

Dr. G., after having earned his PhD at Rutgers in the early 1950s, returned to India and started the first three biochemistry and microbiology departments at each of three excellent Indian universities; these departments were not only the first of their kind in Indian universities, but they each later became the luminaries in their fields, turning out many dozens of talented biochemists and microbiologists over the years.

By the time that I met him, Dr. G. was focusing only on agricultural microbiology, particularly soil microbiology (for crops) and using microbes to treat ag waste. It so happens that the consulting services that I was providing in India in 2005 were in exactly those fields, and I later learned that the four agricultural and wastewater treatment/remediation projects that I had guided had each ended up with a pretty much 100% success rate.

with care,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Considering Creating and Online Map of Class 1 Spacetime Anomalies on Earth

Hi folks:

I am sending this post to seven of my most relevant email list groups.

Background and Introduction
In light of the ongoing discussions over the past few years on my Time Space Doorway list group (and, more recently, also on my private restricted-membership Portals list group) about naturally-occurring time, space and interdimensional portals, and also about the possibility of human-created time, space and interdimensional portals (and also progress notes on some of the ongoing projects in this realm), I have recently been contemplating offering an online detailed world map, based on Google Maps -- which would include nearly-limitless zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities -- offering markers for, and site notes for, the 36 most powerful spacetime anomaly sites on earth, that is, those 36 spots on the earth's surface that -- in terms of averaged activity across time (and please remember here that spacetime anomalies tend to be confined to a relatively small number of natural sites, but the activity level of these sites varies over time) -- fall into the strongest category of strength of disturbance of the so-called fabric of spacetime (and which I prefer, for sake of accuracy, to reference as "interdimensional continuum disturbances".)

The reality is that there exist several thousand sites on earth which exhibit some type of significant spacetime anomaly, but, for the purposes of the proposed online map, I would include on the map markers and information only for the 36 most powerful sites, those that fall into what I call the Class 1 category, for these are the sites which, when their activity level is moderate or high, are most likely to lead to reports by humans of anomalous experiences related to space, time or alternate dimensional worlds.

It so happens that the 36 strongest sites, which fall into my Class 1 category of spacetime anomalies, are all natural sites, most of which have existed on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years or longer. The Class 1 category includes no human-made portals or other human-made devices/sites; in fact, my inner guidance tells me that throughout the history of the earth, there have never been any human-made portals or other human-made devices/sites which would fall for any significant length of time into the Class 1 category of strength. While some human-made timespace portals, devices and sites do exist, the strength of the time space anomaly created by these efforts tends to cause them to fall into what I call Class 3 and below; at this time, the most powerful human-made spacetime anomaly site ranks at about 233 (falling into what I call Class 3) on a list of natural and human-made sites arranged by strength (for yet one more example of a human-made site, the partly-completed (and now permanently halted) platform site for the Violet Moth Portal in my yard consistently exhibits a Class 3 category strength that would give it a rank of about 242 on such a list arranged hierarchically by strength.)

And, if I were, in an effort to include at least some human-made sites, to try to create a map that showed all Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 sites, such a map would, of necessity, need list over 540 sites, and that is just too overwhelming a task to even contemplate!

However, a map showing only the 36 most powerful spacetime anomaly sites on earth, those that fall into what I call Class 1, constitutes a somewhat more manageable task, and so, I am proposing to create and publish online a map that would include just those 36 Class I sites on an online world map capable of showing map features and also satellite imagery of the terrain. As noted above, the map would be zoomable, and each Class 1 spacetime anomaly location would be flagged with a marker; the color and shape of the marker would provide a rough indication of the current strength/activity of the site, and clicking on the marker would display an information box that would classify the site into one of the following categories:

    * (green arrow) Green: Class 1 site; currently active. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (yellow arrow) Yellow: Class 1 site; current activity moderate. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (red arrow) Red: Class 1 site; current activity level is low. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (umbrella) DANGER: Class 1 site; current activity level is moderate. Site is somewhat dangerous when activity level is moderate or higher. The term "dangerous", as employed here, denotes possible danger due to bleed-thru (aka crosstalk) activity from alternate dimensional worlds.

Some Details About the Proposed Map
As I currently conceive the online map, which would, because of the powerful and exclusive nature of the information offered, be available only to members of my Luminous Lodge private club (at at least the Reading and Discussion Level), the presence of a marker on the map would indicate that the actual site was located within a 60 mile radius of the marker. In other words, the actual site location would be kept somewhat "fuzzy" and imprecise to protect both it and any too-hasty would-be explorers. Nonetheless, this degree of error will still allow qualified researchers employing suitable methods (whether based upon instrumentation, map dowsing or other intuitive means) to locate the exact site once they have completed a bit of additional research work, using the map marker as a starting point. As noted above, the exact locations of sites would be deliberately kept somewhat fuzzy for several reasons. A map marking the actual location of site centers to within 500 feet would likely also be available, but only to certain prequalified researchers. And, of course, although such a map would display each site with a location accuracy of 500 feet (not much of a problem, given that most Class I sites have an effective radius of effect of at least 300 feet), there is no guarantee or representation made that the site is necessarily one that is accessible by humans, or that it is located on property which is legally accessible (i.e., a site might turn out to be in a very inaccessible remote mountain range, or to be located on private posted property, or on the middle of a fenced/posted/patrolled military reservation.

Here is a Sample Online Map of the Strongest Spacetime Anomaly Sites on Earth
To give you some idea of what I am proposing, here is a link to a sample Map of Class 1 Time-Space Anomaly Sites on Earth that I have created:
or, alternatively, you may use the following shortcut link:

Please note that the four markers on the sample map do not denote real sites, and rather, mark only sample sites for purposes of illustration; clicking on a marker will display its information box, giving you a chance to see samples of text for each category.

In Closing
While this proposed map seems like a fun project, I have little interest in going ahead with the task of creating the map unless I sense sufficient interest on the part of colleagues, friends, acquaintances and members of my various list groups. So, if such a map would be of interest to you, you may wish to let me know, either via a post sent to one of the relevant list groups, or via a private email.


with care,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Alchemists/Mystics: New Requirements For Those Wishing to Purchase My Alchemical Elixir Vitae Products

This note is for alchemists and mystics only: I have imposed new requirements for anyone wishing to purchase any of my Elixir Vitae products. This new requirement is in addition to the already rather extensive and difficult prerequisite pre-screening requirements that are already in place for those seeking to purchase any of my esoteric alchemical elixir vitae products.

From this moment onward, anyone wishing to purchase (or otherwise receive, such as via the infrequent gifts of small samples that I rarely send to colleagues) any of my Elixir Vitae products (that is, the VK Minor Elixir Vitae products, the VK Major Elixir Vitae and the MK Major Elixir Vitae) must, in addition to meeting the  prerequisite pre-screening requirements that are already in place, be a current member of a new and very exclusive researcher/buyer's private club which I am calling the Luminous Lodge Alchemical Researcher's & Buyer's Private Club. It was strongly suggested to me by Divine guidance two months ago that I add this additional level of restriction for prospective purchasers/users of the alchemical Elixir Vitae products. While the primary purpose of the private researcher's/buyer's club is to restrict even further access to my Elixir Vitae products, there are some other benefits afforded to list members as well, including discounts on certain alchemical products, membership in a private alchemical Elixir Vitae list group (which will discuss material not suited for my free public Elixir Vitae list group), access to a private, restricted-membership section of my Elixir Vitae website, and certain other privileges.

Further details may be found in my recent post on the topic that I sent to my Elixir Vitae list group (and also to a few of my other list groups, such as my Exotic Energies list group, Ormus-like list group, etc.) at Yahoo Groups on or about June 25, 2010.


with care,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Have Created a Facebook Memorial Public Page for Spiritual Healer Filomena Dingle, aka Mama Filomena

Hi folks:

This morning I created a Facebook public memorial page for my friend and colleague Filomena Vendola Dingle, aka Mama Filomena (who passed on in May 2006), the famed Catholic stigmatic (aka victim soul) spiritual healer, who worked as a vessel of the Blessed Mother (an aspect of Divine Mother.) You may find the memorial page at:


with care,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heads-up re Lengthy Q/A Post About Dr. George Merkl and His Esoteric Nutritional Supplements (e.g., Life Crystals, Sumerian Elixir, etc.)

A heads-up for raw foodists, alchemists, mystics, and fans of ormus nutritionals and/or syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM): I just posted a lengthy Q/A post about now-deceased Dr. George Merkl and his esoteric nutritional products, such as Life Crystals, Renasissance Drink, Sumerian Elixir, etc., to my ormus-like, exotic energies, SAM-related and elixir vitae list groups at Yahoo Groups.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on Francesca Zackey, Her Visions of the BVM, and Her Sungazing, and... Her Facebook Fan Page...!

Hi folks:

You may recall that I posted on some of my list groups in 2007 (my first post in the thread appeared on Oct. 5, 2007) about a then-17 year old young woman of Lebanese descent in the town of Benoni South Africa named Francesca Zackey who had, since 2005, claimed that she was visited by the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) and that she had been guided by the BVM to sungaze at dusk, where the BVM would appear within the orb of the sun; she attracted pilgrims from across the world, some of whom engaged in impromptu sungazing (usually at high noon, God bless their silly burned little souls...) and ended up with significant eye damage as a result.

Francesca also seemed to be channneling messages from the BVM (oh, and, regarding purported channelings of the BVM, you may wish to see my other posts across the past few years devoted to the wide variety and tone of messages that various devotees claim to be channeling from the BVM, including some very strange and apocalytic dommsday messages that sound more like they came from a seedy burned-out third-rate New Age channeler who had ingested a few too many hallucinaogenic mushrooms.... the whole matter is rendered even stranger by the hopefully accidental fact that one of the more famous -- and also more extreme -- BVM visitants/channelers is based just a couple of miles from my home here in the Appalachian Mountains in western Maryland....).

The brief flurry of news reports about Francesca in media across the world almost totally died up within a month of my first post on the topic, and little more has been available since then.

Well, I did an extensive search on the web today for any updates in the media about Francesa, and came up with nothing since the time of about October/November 2007.

However, I did discover that Francesca and her supporters now maintain a Facebook fan page devoted to her, called "Our Lady of the Rays", and the page claims that she is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and it lists as its home address the residential address in Benoni (near Johannesburg) of her parents, where Francesca apparently still resides; part of the home has apparently been converted into a shrine to the BVM (and to Francesca's visions and channeled messages from the BVM....)
You may find her Facebook fan page at:

The page bears the following introduction:

Francesca Zackey, a young woman of Lebanese descent, was made full of the Holy Ghost & spoke in tongues on the 2nd of October, 2005. On the 7th of May, 2007 - Mary, the Mother of God, appeared with the smell of roses & incense to Francesca under the title of 'Our Lady of the Rays' - She had beautiful brown hair and ice blue eyes. Her message was "Pray the Rosary like it's your last day on earth!" Supernatural phenomena like the miracle of the sun, the odor of sanctity, healings & conversions occur at the home of Our Lady of the Rays. People have travelled from all over the world & the Holy Ghost has descended upon them with tongues of fire & the charism of prophecy.

A sacred spring of holy water has even come up from the earth.

Francesca has written a book of all her visions & messages called "Doorlight to Heaven" which she will publish & launch in the future.

Francesca has a prayer gathering every Saturday at the home of Our Lady of the Rays from 2pm - 6pm.

Mother Mary, my Lady of the Rays, pray for us!
~~~~~~ (end of introduction from page) ~~~~~~

I notice that the page seems to be updated quite regularly, almost always with channelings from the BVM, ranging from rather preachy messages such as:
"Dear children, In this special time of your effort to be all the closer to my Son, to His suffering, but also to the love with which He bore it, I desire to tell you that I am with you. I will help you to triumph over errors and temptations with my grace. I will teach you love, love which wipes away all sins and makes..."

to much more mystically practical and pragmatic dispatches such as:
"Heaven is within you, by the grace of God, and earth without is a reflection of what is within"
which is, admittedly, on a par with the utterings of a sage such as Ramana Maharshi,
to cryptic, rambling and ambiguous missives written almost totally in text lingo, such as the following:

"2day I call u 2 love wif all ur heart & wif all your soul. Pray 4 the gift of love, because when the soul loves it calls my Son 2 itself. My Son doesnt refuse those who call Him & who desire 2 live according 2 Him. Pray 4 those who dont comprehend love, who dont understand what it means 2 love. Pray that God may ...b their Father & not their Judge. My children, u b my apostles, b my river of love. I need you."

(incidentally, the above text lingo post drew far more accolades (i.e., "8 people like this") from her Facebook followers by far than any of her other postings to date, which is a bit bizarre to me...)

and including really bizarre and cryptic communiques such as the following:
"Cedar of Lebanon, says "Cedar your lives! Cedar your lives!"

Well... enjoy! Perhaps you too may wish to join Francesca's Facebook fan page, as I just did a few moments ago!

Incidentally, I feel that it is a shame that her family and her followers have pulled all of Francesca's photos from the web, because the few photos of her that hit the mainstream media in 2007 showed that she was very beautiful.

with care,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Note for Those Who Enjoy Wild Conspiracy Theories and/or Really Weird Tales

Hi folks:

This post is a bit unusual for me, and it is primarily for those who enjoy wild conspiracy theories and/or really weird tales. It seems that there are some people in this world who insist that there exists an exotically beautiful and alluring shapeshifter female cat/human, named Katrinka, who, they claim, is immortal, has existed on earth since before life appeared in the biosphere, and who is the goddess/deity called She Who Is in occult literature and in conspiracy theory circles, and who is the founder of numerous fabled organizations -- oft-discussed in occult circles and conspiracy theory venues -- ranging from  the Bavarian Illuminati and the Bilderberg Cabal to the Monastery of the Seven Rays, the True Rosicrucians and the Mystery School. They also assert that Katrinka is the guiding  force behind most world political dramas, ranging from World War I and World War II to numerous assassinations.

They further claim that Katrinka, largely out of boredom and ennui, worked as a hottie exotic female freelance contractual ultra-spy and uber-assassin for government agencies around the world from 1945 through 2005, when she supposedly went into semi-retirement. It is also claimed that Katrinka is in cahoots with "alien grays" and alien "reptoid reptilians" who do her bidding. The whole tale is both very bizarre and yet extremely funny and entertaining, albeit in a slightly sick and macabre fashion, and, if you wish to see these claims and tales first-hand, then you will want to visit the website where many of these claims have been aired by various posters and commenters, at:

or, for a shorter URL:


with care,

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Quick Note About a Remote Energy Healer Whose Work I Recommend Highly

Hi folks:

In the course of my spiritual healing work and spiritual coaching work and also my research and consulting work in the realms of alchemy and strange science, I have encountered and worked  with many hundreds of remote healers from around the world over the past decade, and, of them, there are only a tiny handful whom I ever recommend to others for remote healing work. One such healer whom I have mentioned before on some of my emamil list groups and other venues, in response to queries asking me to recommend a good remote energy healer, is a remote energy healer named Pam Clements who resides in western Michigan. Here is some more information about Pam and her services, including her website URL.

Incidentally, Pam can now also accept payment via Paypal, and you will find convenient Paypal buttons in the Payment section of her webpage.  Pam's website may be found at: http://pamclements.divine-heart.org/

And briefly, for those who prefer to receive their information via email than via a website, here is the basic information about Pam Clements and her healing work:

Pam's fee for one remote energy healing session (aka distant healing, aka absent healing) is $80 (US dollars). She is one of only three remote healers in the world whom I regularly recommend to friends, colleagues and clients.

Please feel free to call her or to contact her via email if you wish to request remote energy healing from her. She may be reached by telephone on most weekdays and weekends from 9 AM through 8 PM Eastern US time at 269-342-5658 (USA; Eastern US time zone). 

Her email address is (in plain English, to foil email address-harvesting spam robots) is  pscats1 (at) gmail (dot) com -- simply remove the spaces, convert the stuff in the parentheses to their real equivalents, and you will have her email address! That email address is also the one she uses for receiving payments via Paypal.


with care,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dyatlov Pass Incident and Lost Season 6 Premiere... Odd Synchronicity

Hi folks:

I've written, on my Time Space Doorway list group and others, about
the Dyatlov Pass Incident which happened in the wee morning hours of
February 2, 1959; due to this incident and the long and spooky
reputaiton, spannig many thousnad of years, of this spot, many claim
that the spot must be an interdimensional portal of some kind. And,
the strange island in the fictional TV show Lost seems to act as a
time-space portal of sorts. A number of people have noted that Lost
season 6 premiered on February 2, the 51st anniversary of the Dyatlov
Pass incident. Is that not a wonderful synchronicity? Fun!


with care,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Vinny Pinto Public Page" Now Online at Facebook

Hi folks:

I did something today that I had imagined that I would never do.... I broke down this morning and created a "fan page", called the "Vinny Pinto Public Page", at Facebook.

I did it because the volume of Facebook Friend requests that I was receiving on my personal Facebook account from total strangers -- who perhaps had read and enjoyed some of my websites, articles, or books, or who belong (but never post) to one of my list groups -- had grown to 4 or more requests per day, and I had  been rejecting almost all of those requests because I did not really know these people. However, I finally realized that I did not wish to abandon these folks, and rather, that I wished to offer them some way of connecting with me on Facebook, and so I created the "fan page", which I prefer to call my "public page". The page may be found at:


with care,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mineral Kingdom Elixir Vitae Now Available in 20 mg. Sampler-sized Servings or "Doses"

This note is ONLY for those of you who are mystics, or alchemists or strange science researchers, and perhaps also for those who are aficionados of alchemy products that are a million light years beyond top-drawer ormus and ormes nutritional supplement products: 

Much as I had recently promised on my Elixir Vitae (i.e., Elixir of Life) list group, I am finally offering the 20 mg sampler sized servings or "doses" of the alchemical Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae, for $796 per serving. That comes to about $40 per milligram! I am also offering a one-time-only auction of one "dose" on Ebay, at http://bit.ly/9q8uE5

And here is a link to an informational page on my main Elixir Vitae website that is devoted to the Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir: http://elixirvitae.vpinf.com/elixir-major-mk-public.html

By the way, in terms of price per milligram, this is the MOST EXPENSIVE nutritional supplement product that has ever been offered on Ebay. The second most expensive was a 50 mg sampler size serving of my Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae, which sold in a one-time-only Ebay auction for over $300 two months ago. Very strange!

However, while it sets an Ebay record, this alchemical product is NOT the most expensive elixir of life product in the world. I have long heard rumors of two accomplished alchemists in Europe who sell 2 or 3 grams of their Elixir of Immortality product for over a half-million doillars.

And I totally mean it when I write on the information pages for the Elixir Vitae products say that I would not recommend ANY of my Elixir Vitae products, whether the Minor Elixir liquid or either of the two Major Elixir powders, to anyone. Yes, the benefits are great, but the PAIN that one goes through to get there, as old gunk on the menta, emotional, physical and energetic levels comes up, well. ...!

That is why there are the prerequisite requirements for prospective purchasers, and even then, I have seen well-qualified people -- who'd met all the prerequisite requirements and who were trained meditators as well -- reduced to quivering sobbing wrecks within 20 hours of ingesting just one small dose of even the Minor Elixir Vitae, telling me that they were were "inches" away from committing suicide or homicide due to all the old emotional garbage that the stuff had brought up.

Myself, I have ingested tremendous amounts of the Minor Elxir (17 liters over 6 months) and of the Major Elixir powders (several grams of each over 5 months), although I would NEVER attempt the complete rejuvenation/regeneration protocol...!), but it was a full-time task, acorss many months, managing the symptoms of cellular cleansing, tissue detoxification and retrace symptoms that came up! There were times that I could not even remember my own name!

And, here is one final thought on the matter: These elixirs, and the ability to create them, are, and were, a tremendous gift from Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart (that is, from Divinity), one given only about once or twice per hundred years on earth, but they are insanely powerful, and that is one reason for all the many prerequisite screening requirements and for the pricing (which was entirely set by Holy Spirit and not by my "local self"...)


 with care,



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi folks:

As you may already know, I operate about 35 email list groups on a variety of topics in the realms of science, strange science, sustainable agriculture, alternative health, health, spirituality and mysticism. Among them, I have operated, for a number of years, four list groups devoted to syntropic antioxidative microbes. The pupose of this aannouncement is to advise you that I am discountinuing those four list groups and that I have instead started a single new and much tightly-managed restricted-membership list group devoted to the topic of syntropic antioxidatie microbes. Details follow in the sections below.

As some of you may already know, I am not only an R&D and consulting scientist, but also a mystic and an intuitive/clairsentient, and I long ago surrendered my life, including all of my activities, to Divinity, that is, to what I call Supreme Heart and Holy Spirit. The only reason that I started to investigate and eventually work with syntropic antioxidative microbes, aka SAM (including the beneficial propbiotic SAM cultures often referenced as EM) back in late 2002 was due to direct and rather insistent guidance that I had received from Holy Spirit.

In fact, because I was initially rather reluctant to start working in the field of beneficial microbes, I was literally dragged into this realm by Holy Spirit via a whole slew of synchronicities, strange coincidences and odd events that occurred between June 2002 and December 2002; these magical synchronistic events that kept pushing me into the realm of beneficial probiotic syntropic antioxidative microbes included strange dreams that two otherwise down-to-earth Old Order Amish farmers of my acquaintance had about me (and that they subsequently related to me in phone calls), a mystical visionary message relayed to me by a sober and stoic Old Order Mennonite farmer who was an acquaintance and occasional consulting client, an unsolicited spontaneous comment offered by a spiritual healer/intuitive colleague, several dog-eared, stained and faded copies of articles from long-defunct magazines and journals about "magical agricultural microbes" that two anonymous "researchers" mailed to me, chance phone calls from acquaintances, some experiments that I had done in the latter half of 2002 with ancient yeast cultures and long-fermented sourdough bread and some anomalous stories that had emerged in my web research on the topic, and finally, a phone call from the FBI, followed by a fascinating and illuminating meeting with two FBI special agents. 

Well, eventually, by late 2002, the cumulative mass and import of all these magical strange signs and signals was too great to ignore, and I finally paid attention and started researching a very unique type of benefical probiotic microbes, often found in the soil, which I quickly came to call "syntropic antioxidative microbes" (SAM).

The first instances of SAMs that I encountered back in 2002 were purple non-sulfur bacteria (aka PNSB) used widely since the 1950s for waste management and odor control, followed quickly by natto bacteria (i.e., Bacillus subtilis var. natto), and various types of microbial  cultures then being used in the agricultural field, including EM, Vita Biosa, one or two Biodynamic soil and compost preparations, and also a strange magical "detoxifying" microbial product, a liquid that had been developed in the 1950s by a long-deceased (d. 1975) self-educated inventor from the US Southwest named Jim Martin; he believed that his strange purplish microbial brews could eventually save the earth and revolutionize the fields of agriculture, human and animal health, and waste management.

Within short order, as I played with these beneficial probiotic microbes in my lab and learned more and more about them, I started several list groups devoted to various aspects of this field of syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and some of the list groups that I started during that period were the EM-Health, EM-Farm-Ind, and EM-Home list groups, and two or three far-leser known specialty list groups in the same field as well.

Recent Developments and Evolution
Starting about a year and a half ago, in June 2008, I started receiving messages from Divinity that it was time to back off somewhat from this field, and time to also start spending less and less time on to my list groups and websites focused on the realm of beneficial propbiotic syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and that it was time for me to start focusing most of my energies and activities into other realms of interest. Coincidentally, at about that same time, the two larger list groups in this "beneficial probiotic microbe" family of list groups started becoming more and more onerous, and more annoying, to manage, due largely to each of the following phenomena on my list groups devoted to topics in this field:
  • an increased frequency of strident and amazingly self-centered and selfish demands from some list members for extensive, and free, private consulting on major projects using syntropic antioxidative microbes.
  • an increased frequency of strident demands from new list members for free private consulting on their own small or medium-sized projects or applications for syntropic antioxidative microbes.
  • several small companies around the world -- including primarily some companies in Australia, Europe and India -- that produced and sold SAM products (including secondary EM products) found themselves totally unable to offer meaningful technical support to their customers, and thus, without permission from me (and without an agreement in place that would have made this possible) started referring any and all customers with technical questions to me, telling them that I would provide them with "free consulting"; this resulted in a whole slew of bizarre phone calls and emails from around the world.
  • a European promoter (who belonged to two of these list groups) announced in his home country and across Europe that he had retained me to deliver lectures on "benefical antioxidative microbes in sustainable farming and health" across four days at a seminar to be held in a city in Europe, and he started soliciting advance funds from prospective attendees, despite the glaring fact that he had never retained me, nor paid me for such a venue, nor had I given him permission to use my name.
  • a grossly-increased frequency of post submissions to the two larger list groups that were in clear and obvious violation of list rules, and which thus had to be rejected by the list group moderators. The most common violations included repeated submissions of unsigned posts, posts by Internet trolls and flamers, bizarrre "rant" posts by fanatics and fundamentalists, and "newbie" posts asking questions that the poster could have answered for themselves in just a few minutes time if they had first performed the due diligence commonly expected of any new member of a list group community.
  • a grossly-increased frequency of shrill and demanding (and whiny) post submissons (all ultimately rejected) from entirely untrained and uncredentialed list members who had absoultely no understanding of the field of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes, demanding that I "debate" them on the list group about whetever pet bizarre and psychotic theory (regarding EM and other SAMs) was on their mind at the time. As you can imagine, their psots never saw the light of day....!
Over the past two weeks, I have received repeated firm and clear guidance from Divinity that it is time to dissolve all of these older-generation list groups devoted to the realm of SAMs, and replace these list groups with one far-more-tightly managed restricted-membership list group, where membership will be by application only, and where applicants will be required to provide significant and meanginful information in order to be approved for membership.

Several List Groups Discontinued; New List Grooup Replaces Them
Thus, effective immediately, I have discontinued the EM-Health, EM-Farm-Ind and EM-Home list groups, along with two or three far lesser-known list groups in the same genre. Each list group has already been closed to new membership, and to new posts, and each will be deleted from the list group servers shortly, after a short delay intended to allow members who receive posts only by visiting the list group home page at Yahoo Groups have had a chance to visit the group home page and read this announcement.

These list groups are being replaced by the new list group that I have referenced above; the new list group is called "Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes and Applications". Here is more information on the new restricted-membership and tighty-moderated list group:

The shorthand name for the list group at Yahoo Groups is: SAM-Apps
You may find the list group home page at Yahoo Groups at:

The email subscription address for the SAM-Apps list group is:


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For Mystics and Alchemists Only: Update on Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae

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For those of you who are alchemists, mystics or strange science researchers, or "immortalists": I completed creation of my first batch of Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae a few days ago. Notes and complete update may be  found on my Elixir Vitae list group, at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Elixir-Vitae/ (or http://bit.ly/26H06H if you prefer…)


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Friday, January 8, 2010

Heads-up: Upcoming Post on Some of My List Groups on Managing the Inner Gunk that Arises as a Result of Some Mystical/Alchemical Practices

Hi folks:

Much as I have already anounced on those list groups in question (they will be listed later for your convenience), I will be sending, later today, a post to several of my list groups offering, in detail, some practical and proven inner spiritual attitudes, tools and techniques for managing the old gunk -- and the inner chaos and turbulent emotions that often accompany such inner gunk -- that arises from sources such as karmic memory, cellular memory, ancestral memory, and generational memory when we start to allow greater levels of love, grace and/or life energy to enter our local body-mind; such increased levels of flow of love, grace and/or life energy are often encountered when engaging in certain inner mystical practices, or when ingesting certain exotic energy supplements or certain alchemical products. They may also occur, but usually to a far lesser extent and intensity, as a result of certain healing and self-healing practices such as Body Electronics, the initial stages of raw or partially-raw diets, during fasts (as in water-only fasts), or as a result of certain types of energy healing, or as a result of sungazing,or certain types of meditation.

Of course, some of this old inner gunk arises during the course of ordinary life, anyway, triggered by external stressors and ordinary life events, and, as we all know, the flow of such inner gunk is often particularly greatest during the teenage years, the twenties and the early thirties. These methods that I will share will, of course, also be extremely effective for managing such inner gunk and also for managing external stressors encountered in everyday life.

Those spiritual methods and tools for handling the old gunk that I will be sharing in that post are the methods, tools and attitudes that I have found most powerful and most helfpul across time for myself and for numerous other persons; all, when done properly, are based in, and rooted in, love and grace. I have tried, or seen, or been exposed to, a far greater array of spiritual methods, tools and techniques for achieving inner peace, and some of those other spiritual methods are useful at times for certain persons, but these that I will be sharing in my upcoming post seem to be the most powerful and the most universally effective for managing the old gunk that arises and allowing it to be released or transformed/transmuted most easefully and effectively, while at the same time tending to increase the flow of love, grace and life energy in the body-mind while concomitantly gradually reducing resistance in the local body-mind to love, grace and life energy. These methods that I will offer are not philosophical or intellectual, and rather, they are practical pragmatic and "hands-on" inner methods and techniques that work.

My post will be sent sometime later today to my following list groups at Yahoo Groups:
Spiritual Surrender, ReleaseTechnique, Elixir Vitae, Spiritual Enlightenment, Occult-Mystical List Group


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