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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Quick Note About a Remote Energy Healer Whose Work I Recommend Highly

Hi folks:

In the course of my spiritual healing work and spiritual coaching work and also my research and consulting work in the realms of alchemy and strange science, I have encountered and worked  with many hundreds of remote healers from around the world over the past decade, and, of them, there are only a tiny handful whom I ever recommend to others for remote healing work. One such healer whom I have mentioned before on some of my emamil list groups and other venues, in response to queries asking me to recommend a good remote energy healer, is a remote energy healer named Pam Clements who resides in western Michigan. Here is some more information about Pam and her services, including her website URL.

Incidentally, Pam can now also accept payment via Paypal, and you will find convenient Paypal buttons in the Payment section of her webpage.  Pam's website may be found at: http://pamclements.divine-heart.org/

And briefly, for those who prefer to receive their information via email than via a website, here is the basic information about Pam Clements and her healing work:

Pam's fee for one remote energy healing session (aka distant healing, aka absent healing) is $80 (US dollars). She is one of only three remote healers in the world whom I regularly recommend to friends, colleagues and clients.

Please feel free to call her or to contact her via email if you wish to request remote energy healing from her. She may be reached by telephone on most weekdays and weekends from 9 AM through 8 PM Eastern US time at 269-342-5658 (USA; Eastern US time zone). 

Her email address is (in plain English, to foil email address-harvesting spam robots) is  pscats1 (at) gmail (dot) com -- simply remove the spaces, convert the stuff in the parentheses to their real equivalents, and you will have her email address! That email address is also the one she uses for receiving payments via Paypal.


with care,

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