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Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Alchemists/Mystics: New Requirements For Those Wishing to Purchase My Alchemical Elixir Vitae Products

This note is for alchemists and mystics only: I have imposed new requirements for anyone wishing to purchase any of my Elixir Vitae products. This new requirement is in addition to the already rather extensive and difficult prerequisite pre-screening requirements that are already in place for those seeking to purchase any of my esoteric alchemical elixir vitae products.

From this moment onward, anyone wishing to purchase (or otherwise receive, such as via the infrequent gifts of small samples that I rarely send to colleagues) any of my Elixir Vitae products (that is, the VK Minor Elixir Vitae products, the VK Major Elixir Vitae and the MK Major Elixir Vitae) must, in addition to meeting the  prerequisite pre-screening requirements that are already in place, be a current member of a new and very exclusive researcher/buyer's private club which I am calling the Luminous Lodge Alchemical Researcher's & Buyer's Private Club. It was strongly suggested to me by Divine guidance two months ago that I add this additional level of restriction for prospective purchasers/users of the alchemical Elixir Vitae products. While the primary purpose of the private researcher's/buyer's club is to restrict even further access to my Elixir Vitae products, there are some other benefits afforded to list members as well, including discounts on certain alchemical products, membership in a private alchemical Elixir Vitae list group (which will discuss material not suited for my free public Elixir Vitae list group), access to a private, restricted-membership section of my Elixir Vitae website, and certain other privileges.

Further details may be found in my recent post on the topic that I sent to my Elixir Vitae list group (and also to a few of my other list groups, such as my Exotic Energies list group, Ormus-like list group, etc.) at Yahoo Groups on or about June 25, 2010.


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