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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Funny Note re Synchronicity and the Old Rajneesh Ashram near Antelope OR

Hi folks:

This is likely somewhat off-topic, but it is a funny side note that has some crossover to the world of spiritual matters and also New Age matters (and heavens knows, many of my websites and list groups, much to my dismay, seem to attract a goodly number of New Agers!) If nothing else, my tale below demonstrates what a small world this is, and is a reminder of the many synchronicities in daily life... it is also simply fun... Here goes with my tale:

As many of you may likely already know, a controversial Indian professor-turned-guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh became quite popular in the USA and Europe (and India, for that matter) during the 1980s and early 1990s, and he and his organization also became quite wealthy, and, during the height of his fame and wealth in the USA, he owned and operated a large residental ashram/ranch/community called Rajneeshpuram, which was located on about 50,000 acres of high desert near the town of Antelope, Oregon. Rajneesh and some of his key aides eventually fled the USA in his private jet, minutes ahead of federal agents who were trying to apprehend him for a variety of tax offenses; he was also, according to seome media reports at the time, the focus of a couple of criminal investigations as well, (and shortly after arriving back in India, Rajneesh changed his name to something like Osho.) The Rajneeshpurm ranch property near Antelope Oregon, which was owned by one of Rajneesh's many organizations, was sold in the late 1990s to a private foundation that was not at all connected with Rajneesh.

Although I knew and spent time with several Indian-born spiritual teachers in the USA during that time period, and I thus heard freuqently of Rajneesh, I was never at all impressed with Rajneesh, nor with his followers, and rather, my inner guidance always firmly and clearly warned me to steer very clear of Rajneesh and anything and anyone connected to him. I always respected and obeyed that inner guidance, and it was quite easy to do, for frankly, I felt an allergy to Rajneesh and his disciples! I also worked, and trained at the graduate level, in the mental health field during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and I was always amazed at the number of MD psychiatrists and PhD clinical psychologists I encountered (they were usually the flakiest, and not the best in their fields) who were self-styled disciples of Rajneesh; I just did not "get" the whole fascination with him, although I often noticed that it seemed that it was always the most repressed and tightly-controlled people (including professionals) who seemed to be attracted to Rajneesh, almost as if they needed him to give them permission to loosen up and simply be themselves.

Okay now, lets fast-forward to the present... Because of some of my past adventures and feats, I happen to be rather well-known in the realms of a slightly obscure extreme sport which I prefer not to name in this post. As a result of my reputation in that field, I received an invitation a few days ago from an opbscure organization to travel in about five weeks to a 170 square mile high desert mountain wilderness property that they own in central Oregon and to stay in one of their elaborate on-site chalets with free room, board and meals for a few days while doing a spot of consulting-type work for them in the realm of the aforementioned extreme sport. After a day or two of consideration, I ultimately declined their offer (primarily because they, in their woefully incredible shortshightendess, forgot to offer to pick me up at my home in a Bell jet helicopter and also forgot to offer provide me with plenty of strippers, hottie female ragdoll cats, New York style thin-crust pizza made with extra-virgin olive oil and MSG-free Chinese steamed dumplings for the duration of my visit... fools... imbeciles...!). However... while researching the high desert site in Oregon further early this morning, I discovered that a good portion of the current property consists of the old Rajneesnpuram ashram/ranch. Small world!


with care,