I am a scientist, mystic and spiritual healer. My life straddles the worlds of so-called "left-brain" and "right-brain" interests. I trained at the undergrad level in electronics engineering and astrophysics, and at the graduate level in clinical psych, the health sciences and acupuncture, and have a Master's degree in the sciences. I work largely as a research and consulting scientist in some mainstream scientific fields and in fringe science, aka "strange science" fields as well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Note Only for Mystics, Alchemists and Aficionados of Ormus Nutritional Supplements

This note will be of interest only to mystics, alchemists and fans of ormus nutritional supplements:

After some delays, I've sent a post to my Elixir Vitae list group at Yahoo Groups detailing my offer of 50 mg "sampler" size capsules of the Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir #2, along with links to an associated webpage bearing photos, ordering terms and information. Full details available only on my Elixir Vitae list group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Elixir-Vitae/

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on Peter Sorcher's "Eat the Sun" Documentary Film on Sungazing

Here are some updates on Peter Sorcher's documentary film abut sungazing entitled "Eat the Sun".:

The website for the film may be found at http://www.eatthesunmovie.com

I recently noticed that there is also now an "Eat the Sun film" fan page on Facebook devoted to the film.

There is a 3-minute trailer clip of/about the film on the web; it may be found at:

I believe that the trailer may also be found on YouTube as well.

A couple of my female friends from the ID/WY area, after having found and watched the trailer on YouTube, gleefully told me that from now on, when (and if) I am trying to pick up girls (or cute jenny donkeys) in a bar or a trendy New Age venue, I can say with aplomb: "What, you mean that you have not seen the film yet? You haven't seen me?" as a pickup (or comeback) line!

The film has already been shown at the recent Mill Valley Film Festival in California, and will be shown at a few additional film festivals over the next year; I will try to share announcements of such showings here, when and as I learn of them.

 In a recent email, Peter asked me:
 "Sungazing history:  what ancient civilizations were sungazing, including any evidence as to how we might know this."

Here is the reply that I sent to him:

I talk about this a bit on my Sungazing website, at sungazing.vpinf.com -- there seems to be plentiful, if somewhat vague, information in rather reliable books and articles over the past 120 years, many of them from the realms of religious studies and anthropology, to the effect that sungazing existed as an esoteric practice in the following cultures, but largely as a practice confined to the ranks of high priests and priestesses:
  • ancient Egyptian culture
  • Native American (there are also plentiful anecdotal reports from medicine men regarding this practice; Patrick Flanagan and Gene Savoy have each reported meeting with Native American elders and medicine men who knew all about past and current sungazing practices for spiritual purposes in Native American traditions)
  • some Aztec and Incan religious traditions in the Americas
  • some religious traditions in Tibet, including pre-Buddhist traditions and some early Buddhist traditions
  • some traditions of Caucasian yoga in Russia
  • a number of traditions within the broad umbrellas of Hinduism and Jainism in India
  • a few additional miscellaneous traditons scattered around the world, usually within the past 3,000 years.
  • finally, using my Violet Moth space/time/interdimensional portal in the "time travel" mode, I once visited an ancient pre-Egyptian culture at a point about 23,000 years ago where some of the high priestesses and priests engaged in sungazing. Well. ... no, not really... ...I was lying!  ...but it was fun! ...and it sounds cute!
At one time, I had a folder containing paper photocopies of some articles from old texts and journals supporting some of the above notes; I believe that I have long since lost the folder, as I had started compiling it in back in 1987, the year that I started sungazing, while I was in grad school, and I had some help with this task from a friend who was at the time working for a large metaphyiscal research institute in the Southwest which had an extensive library on mystical, metaphysical and occult practices.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe also that German occultist/author Willy Schrodter, in his excellent 1952 book entitled "A Rosicrucian Notebook: The Secret Sciences Used by Members of the Order", asserted more then once in his book that some ancient European Rosicrucians and other occultists had engaged in "secret" sungazing practices for reasons related to health and spirituality; I believe he also cited "ancient Hindu practices" as well.

Peter also wrote to me:
The main message of the film is that our beliefs can shape our reality.  And audiences are really getting this, for the most part.  Very interesting in that half the people want to try it and the other half just think it's a very cool film.
And he also wrote:
If we are screening in your neck of the woods- possibly D.C. - it would be great to have you there for our Q and A after the film.  Keep you posted.
And I replied to him:

You may wish to consider Baltimore as well as a venue, perhaps instead of DC, because Baltimore has a long and rich history regarding alternative film and indy films. ... And yes, I would be happy to do so! And, my budget and schedule allowing at the time, I would would even be happy to travel a somewhat longer distance to attend such a screening, just for the fun of it! (Like, I would kinda love to see Atlanta again! And Miamia sounds nice!)


with care,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

OnThoughts and Memories, and Tendencies....

Hi folks:

This morning, a friend (Jenmis) posted a foto of a cute t-shirt
imprint on her Facebook page Wall which read "Don't believe
everything you think!" My reply to her posting was much along the
lines of the following:

Yes. And... I will go further, and state that at least 99 percent of
thoughts are simply a product of the fears and memories (i.e.,
karmic, cellular memory, ancestral and generational in origin) of the
local mind, aka the limited mind, and are therefore untrue, that is,
erroneous. In each case, we will do best -- this is, we will reside
in the greatest depth of peace and know the greatest truth -- by
surrendering all of these false and incorrect thoughts, memories and
tendencies to Supreme Heart, that is, to Ground of Being, and to the
ocean of Love that resides therein.

with care,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Musings on the Theory Advanced by Physicists that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) May be Sabotaging Itself via Time Travel

Hi folks::

A couple of physicists have come forward and publicly hypothesized, in a journal article, that the many failures which have plagued the CERN Large HadronCollider (LHC) may be due to sabotage by nature, wherein the LHC of the future, or at least certain particles created by the LHC in the future, time travel back to our current time to sabotage the LHC.

I must admit that I smiled when I first encountered the cluster of stories about this theory last week I am posting a few links to relevant articles below:






By the way, the two physicists quoted in the article are hardly the only two to have come up with this theory, although the seem to be among the first who were willing to come forward and formally publish a journal article proposing this idea in a relatively public venue. The reality is that a rather significant number of particle physicists and quantum physicists have been privately airing similar theories, dating back to even before the startup of the LHC, but none were really ready to air such theories in public (well, at least until now...!)

Incidentally, while we are on the topic, the physicists involved in coming up with this theory are essentially postulating that a Higgs boson, if it were artificially created in the LHC during operation, would be so destructive to physical reality -- resulting in any of several doomsday scenarios -- that "nature" (read "Divinity", or, if you are so inclined, or "God" or "Holy Spirit" or "Ground of Being") is not willing to allow this to happen, and thus "nature" continually sabotages the LHC -- which has failed repeatedly and has been down for maintenance for much of the time since its start-up -- to accomplish prophylaxis, to prevent a Higgs boson from being artificially created.

This theory, or at least a variant of it, feels entirely intuitively correct to me, as it jibes with my my own inner sense of the architecture and structure of physical reality, and it also indirectly addresses and answers one of the strange ramifications of most many-worlds and braneworld theories, the implication that there must exist an infinite number of alternate dimensional worlds, with billions more created each second.

Whenever I have attempted, on an inner level, to ask about alternate dimensional worlds, the rather firm and clear download of information that I receive seems to show that there do NOT exist an infinite number of alternate dimensional worlds, aka braneworlds, as posited by most many-worlds and branworld theories, and rather, that the number of alternate dimensional worlds is amazingly low, and usually numbers below 2.6 million (although it can, at rare times, go as high as about 90 million), and that, at this point in time, it hovers largely in the region of 800,000, with a lower potential boundary on the scale of around 70,000 alternate dimensional worlds (which would only occur if and when the universe displayed maximal coherence and grace), and my inner guidance further states that this is because nature exhibits an underlying coherence and intelligence embedded in apparent chaos, and thus nature is constantly accentuating and facilitating certain possible outcomes and extinguising others; this possibility is entirely overlooked by over 99 percent of many-worlds theories and braneworld theories, which mistakenly assume that true randomness and total free choice underlies the universe, whereas the reality seems to be that nature/God/Source/Holy Spirit/Ground of Being is always in charge, but does allow a certain, and varying, number of degrees of freedom to subatomic particles, to humans (our degress of freedom are sometimes known as "free will"), and to dogs, cats and caterpillars.

I have also been repeatedly advised, both by my own inner guidance and by a small number of intuitives and clairsentients (some of whom have visited here in person) that my Divine Grace charger, the related Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber, the Luminous Orb, and the as-yet only partly-completed Violet Moth portal (each of which are devices/technologies that I have developed and deployed here), each contribute to some degree in balancing and cohering energies in this sector of the universe, both in this dimensional world and across alternate dimensional worlds (aka braneworlds in the lingo of modern quantum physics), and that the current number of alternate dimensional worlds, which largely has hovered over the 18 months around 800,000, is a number that, due to greater grace and coherence largely imbued by the above-mentioned devices, is considerably lower than the average count three years ago, when it tended to average around 1.6 million, or for much of the 1970s, when it often hovered around 3 million.

I should, in closing, point out that any ongoing discussions on the topic will largely be discussed on my Time-Space Doorway list group at Yahoo Groups.

with care,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Reply re Elixirs Vitae, Mellow Rejuv. Elixir

Hi folks:

I have recently been receiving a number of queries from folks who
belong to one or more of my list groups, but who do not belong to my
Elixir Vitae list group, asking me questions about my strange
alchemical elixir products (which are offered to pre-qualified
mystics, alchemists and experimenters only) such as the Vegetable
Kingdom Minor Elixir Vitae, Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae and
the Mellow Rejuvenation Elixir, after having seen one or more of them
mentioned incidentally in a post on one of my other list groups or on
a list group or forum not operated by me.

Here is my reply to those inquiries: While those strange alchemical
substances may at times be briefly mentioned (by myself or by others)
on other list groups or forums, and in other venues as well, the only
place where I disclose significant information about them, and where
I (and others) disclose anecdotal tales about the effects, including
cleansing, detoxification and retrace symptoms, is on my Elixir Vitae
list group at Yahoo Groups. The group is a restricted-membership
application-only list group, meaning that you cannot join via email
unless I would instantly recognize you by your email adddress, and
rather, if you wish to join the list group, you will need to go to
the list group home page, at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Elixir-Vitae/ and click the "Join this
Group" button, and then tell me who you are and why you wish to join
in the message box.

Thanks! And... enjoy!

with care,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Radon and Radon Progeny! Radiation Nutrition via Exposure to Natural Radiation!

This morning I drank a 10 oz. mug of radon-enriched water, with a radiance of 450,000 pCi/L, from my radon water jug, and then I spent a half hour meditating in my radon exposure shed, where the air exhibits a radiance of about 1,900 pCi/L, a bit higher than the levels found in the best radon mines in Montana (and also those in the Alps and Russia.) Fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm a Ducky Daddy! We Have Newborn Baby Ducklings!

Well, it seems that I'm a ducky Daddy, or at least a ducky step-daddy or something! We have newborn baby ducklings!

While I was feeding our birds (chickens, ducks, geese, peacock, peahens) today, one of our mommy ducks (Ms. White Muscovy Mommy Duck #3) came up to me and showed me two little yellow baby ducks that cannot be more than a day old. And, she told me that she thinks that two more of her eggs may hatch over the next 30 hours or so, and if so, that will bring the number of baby ducklings to four.

This is our first baby duck hatching this year; we had been discouraging the mommy ducks from hatching eggs this year because we have a bit of a duck overpopulation problem! I will post fotos on some of my sites soon, hopefully!

with care,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Tale of a Sacred Healing Site in Colombia and of a Marian Apparition

Hi folks:

I have a brief tale for you that may likely appeal primarily to mystics who also have an interest in strange science, as this story contains a meld of elements, including Marian apparations (that is, appearances of the Blessed Mother) with pre-Columbian Incan sites, dinosaur bone fossils, ancient 500 year-old Spanish ruins, geomagnetic anomalies and a reputed sacred healing spot in a pristine natural setting with the purported healing powers of Fatima or Nordenau.

I was approached recently by the land manager for a family which owns several large farms in Colombia; it seems that they have long been aware of a zone about 80 feet in radius, located in a pristine wilderness area on one of their farms, that seems to exhibit strong gravitational, electromagnetic and magnetic anomalies and also seems to exhibit powerful healing properties. Most people who enter the location seem to either report that they feel heavier, as if the the gravitational pull of the earth were greater in that region, and many report feeling strange sensations in their bodies as well, including whirling and spinning sensations, and there have apparently been a number of reports that magnetic compasses and electronic equipment behave very strangely if brought inside the zone. And, a number of locals living in the nearby area, along with a scattering of paranormal researchers from across South America, have apparently reported a number of powerful healings of humans and livestock who have been brought to visit the site.

Interestingly, the zone happens to be located just a few hundred feet from the ruins of a 500-year old Spanish building that had been the site of a famous Marian apparition over 120 years ago, where local lore has it that the Blessed Mother, in a burst of blinding white light, appeared to a local woman, blessed her and also gave her a message to be delivered to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church; it is also claimed that the message turned out to be nearly identical to the third and final message or secret of Fatima which was imparted by Our Lady of Fatima to three Portugese children in the year 1917. A number of locals seem to feel that the strange properties of the zone are intimately linked to the earlier Marian apparition which took place in the abandoned building.

And, the spot is also located near several Incan ruins, and it is also located in a region of Colombia where large quantities of fossilized dinosaur bones are often unearthed.

During the course of our call, I was asked by the land manager if I would be willing to visit the site and spend a few days there, and to ultimately offer some advice on the likely nature of the phenomenon and also offer suggestions on how to best manage the site in terms of future public access by pilgrims and seekers, and I consented to do so if my hosts would simply pay my airfare and other travel expenses and also pay me just a small per diem fee in lieu of my normal, and much higher, daily consulting rate for onsite visits.

As a an interesting side note, I was able to agree without hesitation to visit the site, and also able to very quickly offer to accept simply a small per diem fee in lieu of my normal daily consulting rate simply because I had been given advance notice by Holy Spirit a few days earlier that I would likely receive a call such as this one, and I had been been asked at that time by Holy Spirit to agree to visit the site, and I had also been asked to offer to render the work for only a very modest per diem fee, plus travel costs, and so, by the time the land manager called me, I pretty much arleady had my answers ready at hand.

Although nothing is yet definite, it looks at this point as if I may be visiting the site for a stay of at least four days at some point within the next six months, as soon as the landowners work out the logistics of my potential visit and details of how they will handle my airfare and related travel and also my small per diem fee.

If and when my visit to the site does occur, I will be happy to share more details about the sacred site and tales associated with it on my relevant list groups at some point after my return.


with care,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Article in Spanish Magazine Mas Alla de la Ciencia Quotes Me and My Sungazing Website

Hi folks:

Just a minor heads up: A high-end glossy newsstand magazine in Spain called "Mas Alla"; (full title is "Mas Alla de la Sciencia"; it is claimed to be the premiere high-end magazine in the world for coverage of the paranormal, the occult, scientific mysteries and "lost secrets of the ages") has a 5 page article on sungazing (entitled "El Yoga Solar") in its current print issue, #246. The cover has a black background with a pic shows an airline pilot with tape over his mouth, and the magazine seems to be available only in the Spanish language (and apparently also in Portugese.) You may find the magazine's main website at http://www.masalladelaciencia.es/ but be forewarned that the site does not seem to display current issues of its mags, nor articles from them, and the site is written entirely in Spanish.

The article mentions several persons from the sungazing world, including me, and reproduces a lengthy quote, with credits, from my sungazing website; the article also links to my sungazing site in its Resources section. The article also sports a photo of me sitting with my two geese, Filomena and Georgette. The geese look very cute!

One really nice feature about the article, from my viewpoint and that of some other serious long-term sungazers, is that it largely ignores the fanatical fundamentalist religious promoters, largely from India, who have emerged on the sungazing scene, and also ignores their exaggerated and grandiose -- and highly misleading -- claims about the benefits of sungazing. I offer my congratulations to the author of the article for her sanity, sobriety and ability to stay grounded while writing about such a hyped topic!

with care,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Update to My Earlier Note re the 1st Int'l Ormus Conference at Enota Retreat Center in GA on Labor Day Weekend 2009

Hi folks:

I have just heard from Thomas Geckler, the event organizer/promoter, that Danae Harding and Vernon Roth are no longer scheduled as speakers, and thus I am retracting Thomas Geckler's earlier-reported confirmation that they were "confirmed speakers".

Incidentally, on a closely related note, the means by which Thomas advised me that Danae and Vernon would no longer be appearing at the conference was via a comment note that he sent to my Wall post on Facebook about the ormus conference. In that note, he had written (at about 8 AM on 8/14/2009):
FROM Thomas A. Geckler: "Well, now Vernon and Danae have cancelled suddenly with no notice. Sorry. I thought their word was good."

Witin an hour or two of the appearance Thomas's above-cited comment note, I replied to his note with the following two replies which are reproduced below:

FROM Vinny Pinto: Thomas, thanks for the update. And, some notes regarding your comments:

You wrote "...have cancelled suddenly with no notice. Sorry. I thought their word was good."

Here's my view, as one who is regularly invited to present at events across the world (and who rejects over 95% of such invitations):

1) First, you stated that they canceled "without notice". It looks to me, even if they were truly "confirmed speakers" (see below for notes on how this term is often misused by promoters), that they've given you almost a one month advance notice. That is, to me, a very liberal advance notice!

2) In my world, a promoter is NEVER allowed to claim that I'm a "confirmed speaker" until and unless I've received cleared prepaid funds from the promoter for air travel, car rental, and hotel room/meals, and all or part of the speaker's fee. So, to me, they would have been "confirmed speakers"ONLY if they had received cleared prepayment from you, else they would have been "tentative speakers"!
FROM Vinny Pinto: BTW, a followup note:
Thomas, from my point of view, Danae and Vernon would have been the PRIMARY reason for attending such an event. In fact, in contrast, some of the other names on the list of speakers tend to make me want to puke (as in "toss my cookies"...)

So, Thomas, you are the event organizer, and thus, of course, you are free to run the event in any way you wish, but me...
If I were in your shoes, I would toss out some of the other "confirmed speakers" (which I suspect were/are really "tentative speakers") and I would then use the freed-up budgetary funds to greatly sweeten my financial offer to Danae and Vernon to induce them to appear, perhaps by greatly increasing their speaker's fee and greatly sweetening the other customary perks/benefits (i.e., prepaid airfare, other travel expenses, etc...!

[End of quoted comment messages from Facebook Wall]

with care,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

News: Official Premiere of Peter's Sungazing Film "Eat the Sun"

Hi folks:

Here, for now, is just a brief announcement of the official premiere of Peter Sorcher's sungazing documentary film, entitled "Eat the Sun", and I am sure that it will be followed up at a later date with further posts offering more information.

As you may remember, there was an unofficial premier of an early cut of the film a couple of months ago at a small arts film festival in Seattle, WA. Filmmaker Peter Sorcher has recently advised me that all editing for the final release version of the film will be completed within the next 30 days or so, and that the film will make its official premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California (USA) in October 2009; the film festival runs from Oct 8 thru Oct 18, 2009.

The film contains lots of footage of a number of well-known sungazers, including myself. Peter and his film crew spent a day here several years ago filming me sungazing and talking about sungazing. The film should be fun...!


with care,

Update to My Earlier Note re the 1st Int'l Ormus Conference at Enota Retreat Center in GA on Labor Day Weekend 2009

Hi folks:

Just a quick update for you re the ormus conference mentioned in my blog post yesterday:

Thomas Geckler, the conference organizer, has confirmed that Danae Harding and Vernon Roth (among others) will indeed be present at the conference as speakers.


with care,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Replies to Questions About the 1st Int'l Ormus Conference at Enota Retreat Center in GA on Labor Day Weekend 2009

Hi folks:

I have, for the past three or four months, and particularly in the past two weeks, been receiving an increasing frequency of inquiries via phone and text media (that is, via traditional email, Web 2.0 services and so-called private messages on social networking sites) asking me any of a number of questions about the upcoming ormus conference which will be held at the Enota Mountain Retreat center in the state of Georgia in the USA in early September 2009, over the Labor Day weekend. I have reproduced the most common questions below, along with my by-now stock replies! Here goes:

Q.: Vinny, will you be presenting at the First International Ormus Conference to be held in Georgia on the first weekend of August 2009?

A. Well, your question begs to spawn a multi-faceted response, as follows:

-- First, for some reason, almost everyone who contacts me insists upon calling this conference by the name "First International Ormus Conference". The reality is that while that does seem to be the name that the organizer, my esteemed friend and colleague Thomas Geckler, may have used repeatedly for the conference on some ormus list groups, it does not seem to be the name that is used for the conference by anyone else involved, including the conference center hosting the event, nor is that term employed on any websites which talk about or promote the conference. In fact, a Google search on that term will show that there exist no websites catalogued by Google which mention such a conference. Rather, the names that seem to be much more commonly employed for the conference, and which are usable terms if searching the web using a search engine such as Google, are "Ormus Conference" and "All Things Ormus Conference".

-- Next, the conference organizer, Thomas Geckler, who is a friend and colleague, has invited me more than once to speak at the conference. Despite the fact that I like Thomas Geckler and consider him to be one of the few sane and reasonably coherent voices in the ormus world, I have declined each invitation, and rather quickly, for reasons that I will discuss below. So, I will not be presenting at the conference, nor will I be present at the conference. As most members of my list groups, and also most of my colleagues already know, I normally keep myself distanced rather far from the mainstream ormus world and the mainstream alchemy world, largely because of what I feel is an insanely and inordinately high level of hyperbole, exaggeration, nonsense, mythology, New Age faddism and psychosis rampant in those worlds. And, on a closely related note, and much as I have mentioned many times before, I am a mystic as well as a researcher, and I have long ago surrendered my life and all my activities to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart. In that vein, I must note that my inner guidance from Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and my angels has also steadfastly asked me to keep a very healthy distance from the mainstream ormus world and the mainstream alchemy world.

-- Despite the fact that, as noted already above, I have declined all invitations to present at the conference, it is also true that I do recommend to many of my callers, when asked, that they might wish to strongly consider attending the conference. Please see the relevant question and answer on this topic below for more information on this whole matter.

Q.: Vinny, well, if you will not be presenting, will your products, such as your Coherent Space devices, your Quantum Coherence devices, your Dark Essence capsules, your Divine Grace sacred water and the Luminous Orb sacred water, and maybe your minor Elixir Vitae, be offered at the Conference? I would love to see them and handle them, and purchase some of them!

A. I have already mentioned above that I will not be presenting at the conference, and that I will not be attending the conference in any way. In a similar vein, despite multiple invitations from the conference organizer, Thomas Geckler, to offer my products at the conference, none of my products will be available for viewing nor for sale at the conference. This is partly due to the factor mentioned above, namely, that I prefer – and my inner guidance insists – that I maintain a very healthy distance from the mainstream ormus world and the mainstream alchemy world.

However, in this case, there is an even more set of important and overriding reasons -- each closely inter-related -- why my products will not be offered at the conference, as outlined below:

-- All of my products, including the few ingestable supplements, are offered only as PoP prototype products, and are thus offered only to a very select and limited audience; they are offered only to mystics and/or researchers who are fully self-informed and who sincerely wish to experiment with them. Thus, it is likely becoming obvious that none of my products are consumer products, and I never sell any of my products on the consumer market. Rather, all of my products are offered as PoP prototypes only, and only to a very restricted audience, and each may be purchased only upon receiving permission from me.
-- Further, for many of my ingestable supplement products, the prerequisite screening requirements are even far more stringent, and, in several cases, any prospective purchaser must also meet anywhere from four to ten additional stringent and firm prescreening requirements before they can receive permission from me to purchase my products.
-- So, none of my products are consumer items, none are ever offered to consumers, and none are ever advertised on the Internet, nor elsewhere, and none are ever marketed via third-party resellers or distributors. Rather, they are specialized PoP prototype products intended for serious mystics and/or researchers only.
-- It should also be understood that my primary role in life at this time, as guided directly by Holy Spirit, is to wear the hats of a mystic and a researcher in a number of strange science fields. Aside from my very restricted and circumscribed offerings of PoP prototype products mentioned above, I am simply not here on Earth to be a marketer, and I do not rely upon the very limited and circumscribed offerings of my PoP prototype products to support me.
-- With all of the above-mentioned factors in mind, allow me to respectfully state that the reality is that it is highly likely that a majority of the attendees at the ormus conference would be eligible to purchase most of my prototype or research products. This then provides yet one more reason why I have been guided to not offer my products in this venue. However, I do simultaneously extend my best wishes to the numerous vendors of ormus and alchemy products who will likely be presenting products at the conference, and I wish them the best.

Q.: Vinny, I am somewhat conflicted about attending this conference, due to the distance and the expense, also just the commitment to be away from home for three or four days. You know me somewhat, and you know that I am a relative newcomer to the ormus field – I have been exploring it for about two years, but I am very enthusiastic. What is your opinion? Do you think I should attend? Thank you for any guidance you can offer!

A. Well, I will be happy to offer an answer, so long as you realize that it is simply my opinion, and will tell you what I have told almost every person who has asked me what amounts to essentially same question so far over the past six months:

Since you are already interested in attending the conference, and since you even went to the extent of asking me to render my own opinion in this matter, this I suggest that you may wish to strongly consider attending this conference, and largely for the following reasons:

-- To me, anyone who has been involved in the fields of alchemy or ormus for six years or less is a relative newcomer, and thus, attending this conference should give you, as one of those relative newcomers, a wonderful chance to rub elbows with many fellow ormus and alchemy enthusiasts, to meet numerous vendors and see, or even try, their product offerings, and to hear a wide array of speakers in this realm. Your attendance at the conference should also likely expose you to niches and corners of the ormus and alchemy worlds of which you had previously been entirely unaware.
-- And, lets be frank: this promises to be by far the largest and best-attended ormus conference ever held, and that alone makes it a very rare and unique event!
-- When I last heard from Thomas Geckler, the conference organizer, about two weeks ago, he informed me that, as of that moment, which was about six weeks prior to the date of the venue, there were about 78 confirmed attendees (I am sure that there are considerably more registered attendees now, since it is now about two weeks later) and also at least 15 confirmed speakers/lecturers. Better, when I last heard from Thomas, he advised me that Danae Harding and her adult son Vernon Roth, both of Ancient Tek (aka Ancient Technologies, at www.ancienttek.com) would be speaking at the event as well. I happen to really enjoy Danae and Vernon, I strongly respect each of them as friends, and also as colleagues in these strange science fields, and I always enjoy speaking with them and spending time with them. Thus, from my point of view, I feel that the presence of Danae and Vernon at the conference alone would be a sufficient, and compelling, reason for most folks in the worlds of ormus and alchemy and strange science to attend the conference!
-- Lastly, the event happens to be organized by my friend and colleague Thomas Geckler, and, to be blunt, he is one of the relatively few people in the ormus world whom I respect and whom I consider to be largely sane, coherent and stable, and who largely manages to avoid the hype, myths, nonsense, hysteria and fads so common in that world, and, in my estimation, his excellent Cherokee Gold products are further testimony to his stature in that world.

Q.: Vinny, thanks for answering my earlier question about the conference, but one thing that still concerns me is that I can find very little information about the conference on the web. They do not seem to have a website, among other things, and I cannot find much on Google about it. Yet, you have repeatedly advised me to attend this thing! Can you shed some light on all this? And can you steer me to more information on the conference? I want more details!

A. Yes, it is true that even a diligent Google search on the more-useful descriptive terms that I offered above (in an earlier reply) yields few web pages and little in the way of information on the conference. So, I am the first to admit that the advance publicity for the conference seems, at least so far, to be very low-key, but that does not keep me from recommending it to almost all folks who ask me for my opinion on the matter. And yes, it also appears to be true that the conference does not yet have its own dedicated website, nor even a dedicated webpage, at least beyond the standard event venue page for the conference hosted at the Enota website, at http://www.enota.com/ormus.htm

I am not sure of the reasoning behind this very-low key approach, but all I can tell you is that I hold the event organizer, Thomas Geckler, in high regard, and I trust him. So, were I in your shoes, I would not allow the relative lack of advertising and publicity about the conference to deter me from attending.

And now, to answer your final question, here are some suggestions on how you may be able to gain some more information about the conference:
-- First, make sure that you have visited the standard event venue page a the Enota Retreat website, at http://www.enota.com/ormus.htm
Some, but not all, of the speakers who will be presenting at the event are listed on the event page at the Enota website. If you have questions about the content of the presentations by any of the various speakers, or about the products that will be offered by the various ormus and alchemy vendors, you are free to contact the speakers and vendors privately, by email or phone, and ask them for more details.
-- I have heard that some additional bits and pieces of information have been offered on the larger mainstream ormus list groups, largely those run by Barry Carter, and so, you are welcome to browse those larger list groups, and their message archives, to learn some more details about the event.
-- If you have questions about staying at Enota in cabins or rooms or a tent, you will wish to contact Enota Retreat Center directly, using contact information offered on their website.
-- If you have questions for the organizer, Thomas Geckler, about the event, or if you have ideas for the event, then you may contact Thomas directly at info@cherokeegold.net (in English, info [at] cherokeegold [dot] net) or tgecks@bigfoot.com (in English, tgecks [at] bigfoot [dot] com)
-- Lastly, I should note that I have twice invited Thomas Geckler, the organizer of the event, to send formal announcements about the event to my ormus-related list groups, and in fact, my first invitation to so was extended to Thomas many months ago. As of this date, Thomas has not yet chosen to announce the event on any of my relevant list groups. I suspect that at least part of the reason may be that he is very busy: he works at a full-time job in addition to his role in operating his ormus-related company, Cherokee Gold, and his other work in the ormus world, including organizing the event.

Q. Vinny, I am puzzled. You have repeatedly suggested to me that I strongly consider attending this event, but yet I happen to know that you will not be present yourself; you have said that you have no interest in attending. Isn't this a discrepancy or a conflict or something? Can you explain?

A. There is no real conflict, nor dissonance, nor discrepancy at all in the fact that I have chosen not to personally appear at the conference, particularly if you consider the fact that I have been involved as an active researcher in alchemy-related and strange science fields since at least 1976, and that I have worked as a consultant to a number of premiere ormus vendors and researchers since 2000, and that I have publicly debunked several myths and frauds in the ormus world since 1996. Frankly, I can easily afford to feel somewhat jaded about the conference and about the mainstream ormus world and also the mainstream alchemy world, but that same reaction might not be at all appropriate for someone who has been involved in those worlds for six or seven years or less, as they are, by my standards, a relative newcomer to these fields. In other words, what works for me may well not work for you, and what makes sense for me to do may well not make sense for you to do.

Further, despite that fact that I trained at the undergrad level as an engineer and that I am a degreed scientist with a graduate degree in my field, I have been a mystic since a very early age, since childhood, and I seem to be one of those extremely rare persons who has surrendered my life to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart, aka to Divinity, and thus largely given up running my life from what I tend to call the "local mind" or the "limited mind", and which many spiritual traditions call "the ego". As a result, I have been given a number of gifts, including clairsentience and very strong and clear intuitive guidance in life, even in terms of relatively mundane and day-to-day matters. Thus, it is, and always has been, easy for me to know that I am asked to maintain a rather healthy distance from the mainstream ormus and alchemy worlds. Thus, much as I have already referenced above, what works for me may not work for you, and what is sensible for me may be sensible or reasonable for you.

If what I have written above does not yet make sense to you, I invite you to re-visit my replies to earlier questions, particularly to the first three questions, as these will shed more light on where I am coming from.

Q. Vinny, starting about two weeks ago, you've been telling me (and also several of my acquaintances) that Danae Harding and Vernon Roth will be presenting at the Labor Day Ormus Conference at Enota in Georgia. However, I have never seen this fact or claim mentioned by Thomas Geckler on the large ormus list groups or alchemy forms (you call them "mainstream" ormus and alchemy list groups and forums), and neither of them is listed on the conference page at the Enota Retreat Center website.

A. Yes, what you report seems to be entirely true. I was indeed clearly and explicitly informed by the event organizer, my colleague and friend Thomas Geckler, about two weeks ago, that Danae Harding and Vernon Roth would definitely be lecturing at the conference. And yet, it is also true that it seems that there has never been an announcement of this fact by Thomas nor anyone else on the mainstream ormus list groups. And, it is also true that as of today (August 12) their names are not yet mentioned as speakers on the rather paltry standard event listing page at the Enota Retreat Center website.

Since I am involved in this event, and do not wish to be involved in this event – save for this post today on the topic to give folks on my list groups a heads-up about it -- I have no desire nor inclination to do basic legwork for you in further researching or confirming whether Danae and Vernon will, in fact, be presenting at the ormus conference, but you are free to contact Thomas Geckler and ask him, or to contact Danae and/or Vernon and ask them to confirm Thomas's earlier report.

Q. Vinny, I have long been a fan of your work, and I own several of your devices. I will be on the East Coast of USA over Labor Day weekend to attend the First International Ormus Conference at Enota Mountain Retreat Center in Georgia, and will have some free time for three/four days after the conference, and I'll have a rental car with unlimited mileage. I believe that your rural mountain home and lab are located further up on the eastern seaboard from the conference. I know that you do not allow drop-by visitors, but may I schedule a visit in advance with you? I'd like to get at least two hours with you, and I'd like to see your laboratory and strange chambers.

A. Much as is indicated on my main consulting website, and as I indicate from time to time on my list groups, the answer to your question is almost surely no, unless you are a valued colleague (and there are few who fit in that category) or a close friend (and those folks usually already know who they are…), or unless you look, talk and act like The Fifth Element in the film of the same name. In fact, some of my established consulting clients eventually ask me if they may be allowed to visit me here, so that they may see my home, shop and lab, and see all the strange devices and chambers, and so that we may do one of our consulting sessions here in person, and, in over 90 percent of the cases, my answer is no. And, in the majority of those very few cases where an established consulting client is allowed to come here in person for a consulting session, there is usually a (prepaid, as always) surcharge of at least $125 per hour that applies in addition to the prepaid consulting fee (much the same is true for my spiritual healing clients who have asked if they may be allowed to visit me in person for a spiritual healing session; most receive a "no", and the few who are allowed to visit must prepay a surcharge of at least $125 per hour.

So, the bottom line is that you are free to ask if you really feel that you must, but, with the few exceptions noted above, the answer will likely be "no"! I have, to date, received six such requests from conference attendees so far, and in each case, my answer was "no".

And, that about winds up the questions and answers!


with care,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Funny Note re Synchronicity and the Old Rajneesh Ashram near Antelope OR

Hi folks:

This is likely somewhat off-topic, but it is a funny side note that has some crossover to the world of spiritual matters and also New Age matters (and heavens knows, many of my websites and list groups, much to my dismay, seem to attract a goodly number of New Agers!) If nothing else, my tale below demonstrates what a small world this is, and is a reminder of the many synchronicities in daily life... it is also simply fun... Here goes with my tale:

As many of you may likely already know, a controversial Indian professor-turned-guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh became quite popular in the USA and Europe (and India, for that matter) during the 1980s and early 1990s, and he and his organization also became quite wealthy, and, during the height of his fame and wealth in the USA, he owned and operated a large residental ashram/ranch/community called Rajneeshpuram, which was located on about 50,000 acres of high desert near the town of Antelope, Oregon. Rajneesh and some of his key aides eventually fled the USA in his private jet, minutes ahead of federal agents who were trying to apprehend him for a variety of tax offenses; he was also, according to seome media reports at the time, the focus of a couple of criminal investigations as well, (and shortly after arriving back in India, Rajneesh changed his name to something like Osho.) The Rajneeshpurm ranch property near Antelope Oregon, which was owned by one of Rajneesh's many organizations, was sold in the late 1990s to a private foundation that was not at all connected with Rajneesh.

Although I knew and spent time with several Indian-born spiritual teachers in the USA during that time period, and I thus heard freuqently of Rajneesh, I was never at all impressed with Rajneesh, nor with his followers, and rather, my inner guidance always firmly and clearly warned me to steer very clear of Rajneesh and anything and anyone connected to him. I always respected and obeyed that inner guidance, and it was quite easy to do, for frankly, I felt an allergy to Rajneesh and his disciples! I also worked, and trained at the graduate level, in the mental health field during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and I was always amazed at the number of MD psychiatrists and PhD clinical psychologists I encountered (they were usually the flakiest, and not the best in their fields) who were self-styled disciples of Rajneesh; I just did not "get" the whole fascination with him, although I often noticed that it seemed that it was always the most repressed and tightly-controlled people (including professionals) who seemed to be attracted to Rajneesh, almost as if they needed him to give them permission to loosen up and simply be themselves.

Okay now, lets fast-forward to the present... Because of some of my past adventures and feats, I happen to be rather well-known in the realms of a slightly obscure extreme sport which I prefer not to name in this post. As a result of my reputation in that field, I received an invitation a few days ago from an opbscure organization to travel in about five weeks to a 170 square mile high desert mountain wilderness property that they own in central Oregon and to stay in one of their elaborate on-site chalets with free room, board and meals for a few days while doing a spot of consulting-type work for them in the realm of the aforementioned extreme sport. After a day or two of consideration, I ultimately declined their offer (primarily because they, in their woefully incredible shortshightendess, forgot to offer to pick me up at my home in a Bell jet helicopter and also forgot to offer provide me with plenty of strippers, hottie female ragdoll cats, New York style thin-crust pizza made with extra-virgin olive oil and MSG-free Chinese steamed dumplings for the duration of my visit... fools... imbeciles...!). However... while researching the high desert site in Oregon further early this morning, I discovered that a good portion of the current property consists of the old Rajneesnpuram ashram/ranch. Small world!


with care,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Upcoming Notes on the Joe Cell and Joe

Hi folks:

This topic will primarily be of interest only to researchers and experimenters in the realms of strange science, so-called "free energy", and the wild and wooly world of Joe Cell research. I sent the following note this morning to my Exotic Energies list group and my Joe Cell list group (both at Yahoo Groups), and followups on this topic will be sent to both of these list groups as well.

As many of you may already know, the Joe Cell is a device consisting of coaxially-arranged concentric stainless steel tubes and "charged" water which is claimed to be able to receive and accumulate aetheric energy (aka "orgone energy") which has developed quite a following in some sectors in the worlds of strange science and free energy research, and, on the other hand, is shunned and scorned (largely on the grounds that it is almost impossible to successfully replicate, and also due to the excessive, and at times bizarre, rhetoric of some the modern-day promoters of the Joe Cell) in other sectors of those worlds. And, as you may also already know, the claims most frequently made about the Joe Cell are that if a properly-charged Joe Cell (and a review of the field seems to indicate that fewer than one out of 800 Joe Cells which are built by experimenters ever reach this stage...) is properly installed on a pre-OBD gasoline-fueled automobile engine (that is, one not equipped with an OBC or OBDII engine computer and instead equipped with traditional carburetor and ignition coil and distributor) then, after the passage of a certain amount of time known as a break-in or conditioning period (during which the engine is believed to become slowly saturated with orgone energy), the vehicle may exhibit greatly improved fuel mileage, greatly improved power and reduced emissions, along with cooler engine temperatures and a much quieter engine.

Very few installations of Joe Cells in gasoline-powered motor vehicles have yielded the claimed/desired results, and, of the perhaps twelve Joe Cell success stories that are somewhat believable, most of them took place in Australia, with perhaps two or three in the USA. In late 2007 I related, on a few of my list groups, and on my Jenny Cell website, the tale of my visit with one of the few successful Joe Cell experimenters (now deceased) in the USA and my impressions of his Joe Cell-equipped 1973 Ford pickup truck (with over 430,000 on the original engine). In my tale, I shared my observations of the performance of the engine and also shared a rather astounding tale of an amazing test drive in the truck that I experienced firsthand.

Some few folks who have worked with Joe Cells have gone well beyond the original claims that a properly-constructed, properly-charged and properly-installed Joe Cell will improve fuel mileage and improved engine power, and have claimed that their Joe Cell-equipped vehicles eventually reached a point where they operated on the Joe Cell alone, consuming no gasoline, and some of these enthusiasts have also claimed that their vehicles concomitantly floated several inches above the ground, that is, that the bottoms of the tires were observed to be suspended several inches above the roadway.

Although it is widely acknowledged that the Joe Cell was first created in working form by an Australian mechanic/tinkerer/experimenter named Joe, there are a lot of conflicting and confusing stories floating around the Internet about the exact origins of the Joe Cell and also about Joe's role in the development of the technology. There have also been repeated assertions on Joe Cell-related websites, list groups and forums that the technology can be traced to a similar type of stainless steel cylindrical water cell -- likely an electrolytic water cell, that is, if it existed at all -- that was reportedly installed by American Army mechanics in the field on US Army tanks operating in the Sahara Desert during World War II in order to improve fuel mileage, but these claims have been rather confusing and contradictory, and the claims also raise new questions since they seem to be entirely undocumented and unverified.

My own observation on this matter, after having done considerable research, is that it appears that the Australian automotive mechanic/tinkerer/experimenter Joe Booker, who first developed the Joe Cell, never communicated clearly and completely to other experimenters the exact design and construction details for his Joe Cell devices -- largely because he had originally developed the Joe Cell solely to satisfy his own experimenter's curiosity, and he had never intended to share the complete details of the technology with others, and also because (and this and related factors will be addressed in more detail in a later section) the Joe Cell is quite obviously not simply a nuts-and-bolts hardware technology, but rather an exotic consciousness technology, wherein the success of the device is strongly dependent upon the consciousness of the builder/operator and upon certain paranormal gifts or abilities which are possessed by relatively few persons -- and thus much subsequent development work by others in the field has been based largely upon guesswork and myth, and, moreover, the vast majority of these experimenters are likely lacking the necessary state of consciousness and also the paranormal gifts/abilities needed to create a functional Joe Cell.

In summary, it is safe to say that the current-day world of Joe Cell experimentation is rather confusing at best, as few attempts to build Joe Cells have met with success, and because the majority of the most vocal modern-day popularizers of the Joe Cell do not appear to have ever been able to create a working Joe Cell installation on a gasoline-powered motor vehicle. Making matters even worse, many of the larger Joe Cell list groups are cluttered with a plethora of extremely incoherent and/or confusing posts, and also marked by bickering, contradictions and controversies that never seem to be resolved. Indeed, in recent months, one of the larger Joe Cell list groups was apparently almost shut down by Yahoo Groups because of a series of biogoted, racist and neo-Nazi comments made on the list by one of its more prolific posters.

I was approached recently by an accomplished scientist with whom I have corresponded on various matters over the past several years; this man -- whom I choose to call Tom for now, as he has asked me to maintain his privacy, at least for now -- is a seasoned scientist with many years experience in the basic sciences as well as in applied fields such as environmental engineering, and he also has a solid engineering background as well, in addition to his graduate degree in the sciences. Tom revealed to me that he has known and worked closely with Joe (of Joe Cell fame) for several years, and that Joe is not longer working with Joe Cells in any way. And, as I had long ago guessed, Tom disclosed that Joe does not venture onto the Internet, and that Joe has, until now, almost entirely ignored the various tales circulating about him and his work with the Joe Cell.

As time has passed, Tom has told me more and more about Joe and his personal history, including the fact that Joe is extremely intuitive and feels that all of his designs for exotic devices come entirely from inner guidance; Joe has mentioned that he and I each seem to get information from inner levels in very similar fashion. With Tom serving as a willing intermediary, Joe and I have communicated to some extent over the past few months, and Joe recently decided that it might be fun to clear up some of the long-extant myths and misunderstandings about the origins of the Joe Cell and about his early experiences with the Joe Cell. To that end, he and Tom have answered some commonly-asked questions, along with some of my questions, about the origins of the Joe Cell via email corrrespondence, and Joe and Tom will shortly be sending me far more information in these realms.

Among other details that Joe and Tom are planning to pass along to me is additional information about an intriguing story which Joe first related to me (through Tom's intermediacy) a few months ago; here is the gist of the basics of the story, largely in Joe's words:

In the early days of his Joe Cell research, Joe installed a very small Joe Cell about the size of a thimble on a "funny car" which was scheduled to be entered in several races on the funny car circuit in Australia. In the first such scheduled race, held near the city of Hobart on the Australian island state of Tasmania, the funny-car broke a record by 2 seconds over the previous record, which had been a bit over 6 seconds for the course. When the car accellerated at the start of the race, the front of the car did not lift up, leaving only the rear wheels on the ground (as funny cars always do at this point), but rather the car propelled horizontally forward -- with the wheels slightly off the ground; the shadow under the wheels is obvious in photographs taken of the event -- with hardly a puff of smoke from the exhaust (in contrast the the great plume of smoke normally emitted by funny cars at the start of a race), and at great speed. The crowd at this race (it was held in Tasmania, near the city of Hobart), reportedly stood dumbfounded and simply stared, with no clapping or cheering, in fact, with nary a sound. The video and still photos show a race record for the car of a bit over 4 seconds for the distance on the track-side display screen. If the wheels of the car had touched the ground during the event, it would have set a world speed record. As it was, the bizarre event led to some troubles for Joe over the next few days, and he says that he never raced the car again, and, in fact, that he destroyed it due to the controversies that the bizarre display at the event had engendered.

I will be sharing more from Joe on my two list groups (Exotic Energies and Jenny Cell list groups) as Joe and Tom send additional material. If I can get Joe's permission, I will also be sharing some other interesting details and tales about Joe's storied life.

I want to pause here and thank both Tom and Joe for their interest in sharing Joe's version of the story of the origins of the Joe Cell, and for having approached me. Thank you.

with care,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Will the Ark of the Covenant be Unveiled?

Sheesh.... Oohhh boy..... Indian Jones and the Nazis are getting all up in a tither over this one....

You see, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia, Abuna Paulos, has announced that he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant, perhaps the world's most prized archaeological and spiritual artifact, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia. This news is bound to cause great consternation for Indian Jones and for his arch-enemies, the occultist branch of the Nazi party. More info may be found in the articles at:

And a number of ormus popularizers have, over the years, asserted that the Ark of the Covenant was really a gold-sheathed orgone capacitor or accumulator created by aliens and given as a gift to humans, and that the sacred device is intended to act as a handy way of creating extremely powerful forms of ormus. So, I have a hunch that at least some of these popularizers -- particularly Sir Laurence Gardner -- are chomping at the bit at this, ahem, amazing news.

And, on a note somewhat related to the ormus item above, some alchemists and modern-day mystics have claimed that the Ark of the Covenant acts a very powerful transformer of consciousness, and that merely standing before the Ark can and will -- if one has properly prepared themselves -- instantly create a powerful illuminated state that will either transform one into an immortal or result in a permanent stated of enlightment and bliss.

It is interesting to note that sites in Ethiopia have emerged several times over the years in serious archaelogical research circles as candidates for possible resting places for the Ark of the Covenant, and so the claims being made by the patriarch of the Orthodix Church in Ethiopia do have some historical precedence.

Anyway, have fun with this!

with care,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Heads-up: My Post/Reply on Time Space Doorway List Group

Hi folks:

For those of you who might be interested in such things, this is a heads-up that I have just posted a rather lengthy and at times humorous reply on my Time Space Doorway list group (at Yahoo Groups) to a rather strange and interesting email that I received from a man who claims to be heading a team that plans to shortly tackle a naturally-occurring time space portal in eastern Pennsylvania. I decided that it was not worthwhile, nor advisable, to cross-post my reply to this list group as well, but I am giving you a heads-up in case you may wish to see my reply and the original note; some keywords include:
[Door in Time, time portal, Sterling PA, Drago Plecko, Preston Nichols, Hilton Hotel, team, yellow school bus, antennas, AC generators, massive high voltage power supplies, cable, magnets, magnet wire, Teflon wire, Litz wire]

And, since a number of folks always ask how to access or join any list group that I might reference, here then, is that information on how to access my Time Space Doorway list group:

To join the list group via email, send an email to to:

To visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, go to:


with care,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sheesh! I Thought I Was the Only One (Ikea Kitchenware Hacks for Strange Science Tinkerers...)

First, a bit of background to serve as an introduction to my tale. Starting from about age 5 onward, I was an avid electronics and radio experimenter and also a budding little junior scientist, and, by about age 9, I was regularly building ham radio tranamitters, receivers and antennas and weird physics devices (including underground communication transmitters and receivers, UFO detectors, electronic voice phenomena [aka EVP] receivers, light beam communication transmitters/receivers and petrovoltaic receivers to monitor strange voltage/current phenomena exhibited by wild rocks, etc.), from scratch in a a makeshift radio and phsyics lab in my bedroom. Of course, being on a limited budget at the time, I quickly learned to adapt metal baking tins and metal pie plates for use as chassis and enclosures for electronic devices, to use plastic kitchen storage containers as enclosures for transistor radios) and to purchase metal pizza pans and inexpensive consumer TV antennas to modify for use in creating my ham radio antennas, particularly for work on the UHF bands, which were only just starting to be explored by ham radio enthusiasts.

This practice of identifying, locating and appropriating inexpensive and readily-available consumer items and modifying them for use in my radio, electronics and physics experiments and tinkering endeavors continued throught my teens and my twenties. And, in my later twenties and in my thirties and onward, I often used much the same methods for my weird physics and strange science experiments with non-Hertzian wireless signals, exotic energies, earth resonance generators, Schumann resonance signal receivers, Lakhovsky healing machines and experimental free-energy devices.

Okay, Lets Get on With the Tale
And now, let's fast-forward to the present, for that is where our tale today matures and develops a robust essence as well as a unique and distinct flavor and bouquet:

I had, until recently, been an Ikea virgin. In other words, I had never visited an Ikea store. Then, just a few months ago, my adorable friend Jennie, who is a Persian genie, dragged me to and Ikea store, where we spent several hours exploring the aisles. Frankly, I was, by and large, often slightly bored as we meandered through the room displays, the bedding and linen section and the window treatment section, but that all changed when we reached the extremely large kitchware and servingware section, where I noticed that a very large percentage of their wares were made from stainless steel or copper, and all were extremely reasonably priced. Eyeing all the gleaming gizmos consisting of stainless steel mesh, screen, pipes, rings (stainless steel napkin rings; the possibilities are endless...) and other shapes, I instantly experienced flashbacks to my early teenage years, when I was scrounging around for found items to use in crafting VHF and UHF antennas, parabolic dishes and microwave waveguide, and I realized in a flash that these aisles were a mecca for any radio enthusiast or strange science nutjob (such as myself) trying to craft their own homemade gear.

Well, it got even better than that, because we eventually rounded a bend and encountered yet another aisle, this one containing Ikea's offerings of pans, mixing bowls and salad bowls, a great many of them crafted out of gleaming stainless steel, and a number of the bowls exhibited near-parabolic shapes, or, better, as in the case of the Blanda Blank stainless steel mixing bowls -- and as I already reported a few months ago on a number of my relevant list groups -- they exhibited a near-perfect hemispherical shape. I took one look at these Blanda Blank bowls, which are offered in various diameter ranging from 2 inches through 14 inches, and realized that they not only would offer a myriad of possibilities for crafting conventional antennas for "normal" radio waves in the UHF and microwave region, but that they could also easily be used in crafting a number of aetheric energy devices and that the larger bowls could easily serve as perfect hemispherical antennas for focusing and distorting exotic energy fields in an interdimensional portal or space portal chamber. I proceded to purchase a number of the Blanda Blank bowls, as well as a few other stainless steel goodies from the kitchenwares aisles, and left the store gleefully, hugging the bags containing the precious stainless steel treasures to my chest. Even better, Jennie treated me to a meal of Swedish meatballs and almond cake in the Ikea cafe before we left the temple, I mean mecca, I mean, store.

Since that time, I have incorporated various stainless steel gizmos, including the above-mentioned bowls, from Ikea in a number of my designs for esoteric devices, including my prototype Violet Moth interdimensional portal/space portal. And, I must confess here that, aside from my disclosure in brief post about the possibilities offered to homebrew experimenters by the myriad of stainless steel goodies in Ikea's kitchenwares section, sent a few months ago to some of my relevant list groups (such as Alien Starship Repair, Time Space Doorways, Exotic Energies, etc.), I innocently and naively assumed that I was the only person on earth who had noticed that Ikea kitchenware (by the way, their colorful thick nylon cutting boards exhibit excellent machining properties and excellent dielectric properties, well up into the UHF region) and housewares offered a fountain of possibilities for experimenters and tinkerers in the realms of radio, strange science and exotic energy research. In other words, I blandly and quite smugly and proudly assumed that I was the only person on earth who knew of the possibilities of Ikea kitchenware hacks for radio and strange science tinkering, except perhaps for the folks belonging to my list groups who had seen my earlier post about the usefulness of the Blanda Blank bowls in crafting field focusing antennas for interdimensional portals.

The Realization
Well, I realize now that I was wrong, very wrong. Horribly wrong. My fagile ego was quite crushed when I made this horrifying discovery. The way I came to this terrible realization was this: I had occasion a few days ago to do a Google search on Ikea stainles steel kitchenware while looking for a particular item, and, while perusing the search results, I noticed a few rather anomalous results that seemed to be links to pages where folks were talking about using Ikea stainless steel kitchenware and servingware for what they called "Ikea hacks" in crafting homebrew VHF and UHF antennas for use with ham radio transponders, cellular phone range extenders and wifi range extenders and in crafting homebrew digital TV antennas and homebrew nuclear fusion reactors.

Here are just a handful of the over two hundred Ikea hacks, well, more accurately, Ikea kitchenware or servingware hacks, for crafting homebrew radio antennas, digital TV antennas and odd devices that I found in a very brief Google search; there are, in actuality, many more:

A backyard tinkerer added over 20 dB of gain to a UHF cellular radio range extender antenna using an Ikea Blanda Blank bowl:

A homebrewer used Ikea components in crafting a homemade antenna for a WiFi booster:

Another WiFi booster antenna project:
http://www.fakeproject.com/Ikea_WiFi_Booster/ (note: despite the website name, the webpage is not about a fake project, and rather, "Fakeproject" is the name of the band/art project crafted by the site's author.

This one used a metal Ikea picture frame....

Oh, and there are also rumors in the wild and wooly world of homebrew Farnsworth-Hirsch tabeletop fusion reactors that at least a few experimenters in this field have pressed various copper and/or solid stainless steel kitchenwares from Ikea into service as containment housings, vacuum chambers, viewing ports, and electrodes.

I have also, in recent days, seen several posters on forums devoted to Joe Cells -- those near-mythical so-called "free energy" devices that are claimed by their devotees to accumulate aetheric energy, aka orgone energy and yield vast reductions in gas mileage along with improvements in engine power when installed on automobile engines -- who have spoken of using stainless steel pans, pizza screens, plates and bowls and cups in crafting their Joe Cells.

And, I heard the other day from an eccentric elderly self-styled alchemist who claims that he is using Ikea stainless steel bowls, pans and rings (those stainless steel napkin rings again!) in homebrewing the fabled near-magical substance called "red mercury" in his alchemy lab from used spark plugs and fresh egg yolks (from organic eggs from free-range hens, of course) and that he is then selling the red mercury on Ebay for $400,000 per gram to people around the world who want to use it for everything from crafting nuclear explosive devices to treasure-hunting to fortune-telling.

Finally, as I have already largely confessed, I have, over the past six months, started to employ various stainless steel Ikea kitchenware and servingware gizmos in my designs for field-focusing antennas to be used in my prototype interdimensional portals and space portals, and I use inexpensive Ikea nylon cutting boards as a handy source of hiqh-quality dielectric material for machining custom parts. And, just the other day, I was designing some modifications (some would call them "hacks") to improve the performance of an already insanely-excellent outdoor UHF/high-band VHF antenna (the Clearstream 4 from Antennas Direct) that I had purchased and installed for use in receiving digital TV signals in a my rather beyond-fringe-reception location in the mountains, and... well, you guessed it, I ended up using a bunch of epoxy powder-coated steel wire racks/grids sold by Ikea in my design. And, now I am eyeing their stainless steel screens for use in my next proj... ohhh... never mind

with care,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Announcing Pre-Release Viewing of Peter Sorcher's Sungazing Film, Seattle, June 7, 2009

I have just heard from Peter Sorcher of Peter Sorcher Films that his film on sungazing, entitled "Eat the Sun", and which features some footage of me talking about sungazing, will be showing, in a rough "work in progress" form, at a Seattle film festival in June. Here are the details:

There will be a "work in progress" (very fine rough cut) showing of the "Eat the Sun" film at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival on June 7th at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle at 7:20pm with Q and A to follow. I have been informed that I have been highlighted in my own section of the film.

Here's the link for Seattle tickets:

I will keep you informed of any further showings of this film in its rough pre-release form, and also of its final release and disposition, as time passes!


with care,

My Favorite Ormus Nutritional Products

For the past few years, about once per year, I have -- in response to numerous requests which I receive regularly via phone calls and private emails for my opinions on various ormus nutritional supplement products -- issued a post to my relevant list groups (and also one or two relevant list groups not operated by me) offering my views on my favorite ormus nutritional products. I have been reminded by several correspondents and colleagues over the past month or two that I am long overdue in sending my latest such post, containing my latest observations and notes. And so, here goes:

First, the Basics
First, as many of you who have been ongoing members of my relevant list groups for a while likely already know, I feel that the world of ormus and ormus-like nutritional supplements is filled with an amazing and very high level of hype and confusion regarding claims made for many ormus nutritional supplement products, particularly (but not solely) many of those which claim to fall in the family known as so-called "white gold" (please note that I use this term as a category or genre, and not a brand name) products. And on two closely-related notes, most of you are likely already aware of the following facts:
  • that I am not a fan of what I tend to call "tortured metal" forms of ormus, that is, so-called ormus or ormus-like products that have been produced by exposure of metals or ores to harsh extremes of heat or pH (that is, harsh extremes of acidity or alkalinity) or strong oxidizers (i.e., chlorine bleaches, hydrogen peroxide products, etc., or extreme pressure or extremely powerful magnetic fields.
  • that I am extremely wary and skeptical of the claims made for those ormus products which are reputed to somehow affect consciousness by inducing some kind of a "rush" or a "high", aka the so-called "whirlies", and also of the reasons folks have for ingesting such products. Speaking for a moment as a spiritual healer and a clairsentient and intuitive, I cannot imagine any benefits in terms of spiritual opening (that is, opening to Love and Grace and Holy Spirit) or improvement in emotional self-managment from ingesting such products, and rather, it appears to me that this is just one more instance of the bored and ever-restless local mind, aka "limited mind", also known as "the ego" in many spiritual traditions, trying yet one more way to control and subjugate experience, rather than surrender to Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and Divinity. Worse, it appears that a number of persons have damaged themselves in using questionable so-called ormus nutritional supplements in an effort to reach such temporary and transient effects.
The Ormus Nutritional Products that I Enjoy Most
Because I am well-known in the field of ormus-related nutritional supplements and the related field of exotic energies and because I have worked, over the years, as a consultant for a number of producers of ormus products, I often receive free samples of ormus products from producers/vendors around the world hoping to get my endorsement for one or more of their products. Nonetheless, in spite of this fact, there are only a tiny handful of ormus-type nutritoinal supplement products that I personally like and would be willing to mention to other researchers and experimenters as something which which they might wish to play. In fact, of all the free ormus products that I have ever received from vendors hoping for an endorsement, NONE of those products has ever won any endorsements from me, and rather, the few products that I do like and that I feel are effective were products that had NOT been sent to me as freebies by vendors hoping for an endorsement. So, in my estimation, there are some very good ormus products out there, but, from my viewpoint, they are relatively few.

Here is my relatively short list of the ormus-type nutritional supplement products which I most like:
  • Magnetite effect ormus water (aka MEOW), produced by exposing a sealed bottle of water or other liquids to a mass of selected magnetite ore, usually for a period of several days. If you wish to learn more about MEOW technology, includng history, claimed effects, and how to make MEOW water yourself, please feel free to visit my MEOW website, at http://ormuswater.vpinf.com/
  • Many of Danae Harding's Ancient Tek (aka Ancient Technologies) ormus-type nutritional products, and particularly the following: her Signature Elements products called Aetheric Gold, Sun & the Stars (which contains aetheric gold, platinum and palladium with trace minerals), Spark of Life (aetheric-energy charged water, aka "Sparky Water"), Glacier Milk (a white clay powder), the two skin creams called Pharaoh's Cream and Comfort Zone cream, and the body sprays called Beautiful Face (aetheric gold spray), Appealing (aetheric copper spray) and After Sun (aetheric gold spray). You will find Ancient Tek's website at www.ancienttek.com If you are interested in ordering products, all orders must be placed by phone or email (or, lacking Intenet access, via postal mail); their phone number is 719-783-0310 (Colorado, USA, so located in US Mountain Time zone), Danae's email address is danae713@yahoo.com (that is, danae713 [at] yahoo [dot] com), and their mailing address is Ancient Tek, 713 Ernest Ave., Westcliffe, CO 81252 Incidentally, I have heard reports from a number of folks over the years that it can be hard for new customers to get initial permission to purchase products from Ancient Tek, and so, please feel free to mention my name when and if you contact them, and to also mention how you learned of their products.
  • EM fermented brews which have been brewed to contain high levels of antioxidants, syntropic/negentropic properties and ormus-like effects. You may learn far more about EM's ormus-like effects in my past posts which may be found in the message archives of my EM-Ormus list group (at Yahoo Groups), or in some of my lectures on the topic which are available as audio files from some sources, including from Barry Carter, at bcarter@igc.org., that is bcarter [at] igc [dot] org)
  • Although I have tried so-called ormus trap water from many sources and many vendors, the only one which has particularly impressed me -- and this one impressed me very much -- is the Cherokee Tears (formerly called Tears of Treyhlata) trap water from Cherokee Gold, produced by Thomas Geckler in the magical mountains of Georgia. I also like the trap water device which Thomas markets; it is "gently designed" and avoids the use of over-powerful magnets so commonly found in many other trap water devices, which often seem to produce detrimental effects. You may find Cherokee Gold's website at http://www.cherokeegold.net/whoweare.html
  • In the realm of sea mineral concentrates, I most like Sea Crop from Amborsia Technology, which seems to have a higher content of ormus-like forms of minerals and trace elements than any other sea mineral concentrate products which I have tried. You may find the Ambrosia Technology Sea Crop website at http://www.sea-crop.com/ and their phone number is 360-942-5698 (West Coast USA, so Pacific US time zone) or by writing them at info@sea-crop.com (that is, info [at] sea-crop [dot] com)
  • Lastly, I will somewhat reluctantly mention my own two experimental water products (each is sold in factory-sealed spring water bottles) called Divine Grace Sacred Water and Luminous Orb Sacred Water, and I mention them lastly and only hesitantly because I do not see them as nutritional supplements but rather as energetic (as in exotic energies) and spiritual supplements and because I do not market them all to consumers, that is, to the general public, but rather, they are experimental research products which I offer on an extremely limited basis only to fellow researchers and experimenters and/or to those who are sincerely on a full-time spiritual path. I feel that both water products seem to exhibit some at times remarkable effects, and this is backed up by some anectodal reports which I have received from colleagues and other experimenters who have drunk the water. If you wish to learn more about the Divine Grace Sacred water, you are free to visit the website at http://etheric.vpinf.com/type1-exotic-energy-water-charger-1.html and, if you wish to learn more about the Luminous Orb water, you will need to read my past posts on the Luminous Orb and the water on my Elixir Vitae list group (at Yahoo Groups),and you are also free to visit the very biref Lumious Orb Sacred Water page at http://etheric.vpinf.com/luminous-orb-water.html However, please note, as noted prominently on the Luminous Orb Sacred Water Page, that access to this water is very limited, even far more so than for the Divine Grace water, and only pre-approved applicants may order the Luminous Orb water.

with care,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Announcing a New Book On Radiation Health Benefits, Often Called Radiation Hormesis

I have been hearing for a while now that a New York City psychoanalyst named Dr. Jane Goldberg, an accomplished author in the fields of psychoanalysis and oncology-related psychotherapy, had been writing a book on radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition, particularly focused on radiation health benefits. In any case, I learned a couple of months ago from Dr. Goldberg that the book had finally been published and that it is now available. The book by Dr. Jane S. Goldberg, Ph.D is entitled Because People Are Dying. I have inserted Dr. Goldberg's announcement of the publication of the book below; that will be followed by a few of my comments on the book and Dr. Goldberg.


Because People Are Dying

The Story of a Rock, an Apple, and Cancer

by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D., with Jay Gutierrez
Foreword by Paula Gloria
Paperback, 206 pages, illustrated, 8.25" X 5.25"
Published by Sea Raven Press, Franklin, Tennessee

America is in desperate need of a health revolution. We spend 50 percent more of our economy on health care than any nation on earth. Yet, we rank LAST out of nineteen countries for unnecessary deaths. Overpriced interventions are increasing at an exponential rate and
fatalities now account for 23 percent of all reported adverse effects of prescription drugs.

The nation's top accountant, the Comptroller General of the United States, David Walker, thinks the biggest economic peril facing the nation is being ignored: it's not the falling prices of real estate; it's not the failure of banks; it's not our lack of savings; it's not our nation's debt. It's the health crisis upon us: "We have the largest uninsured population of any major industrialized nation. We have above average infant mortality, below average life expectancy, and much higher than average medical error rates for an industrialized nation." Walker warns that our health care system could easily mean the bankruptcy of America.

Jay Gutierrez has the solution. And, in her new book, Because People Are Dying, written by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. (with Jay), and the soon-to-be released DVD by Jane and cinematographer Paula Gloria, the solution is outlined. We need to: GET BACK TO BASICS. WE NEED TO GO
BACK TO THE AGE OF THE STONE (a little like the stone-age, but without the hardships and deprivations).

Through either serendipity or divine guidance (chose your interpretation), Jay re-discovered knowledge that has been known since the dawn of civilization: the healing power of radioactive
stones. The concept of using low-level radiation for healing purposes, called in medical literature "radiation hormesis," has 100 years of extensive research behind it, and thousands of medical
studies to suppport it. Radiation hormesis promises to save countless lives, as it has already done through Jay's implementation. It promises to save billions of dollars in medical bills, as it has
already done, through Jay's implementation.

Jay's unique contribution was to find a delivery system that brings this powerful healing technology to all of us, within the comfort of our own homes. He spent five years searching for the stones, figuring out how to get the stones out of their natural habitat and back to his workshop, slicing up the stones, analyzing the stones for their chemical composition, perfecting the dosage for human application, and packaging the stones for usage. Over the last fifteen years, Jay has worked with over 2,000 patients, and has cured diseases as serious as stage-IV cancers and as trivial as eye infections.

Read the history of this powerful and eminently effective technology. Discover the politics that relegated it into obscure medical history. Find out why it is a leading modality of treatment in many other countries. Take this journey with Jay, Jane and Gloria, and be amazed, enraged, delighted, moved, grateful, and awe-struck. It could save a life.

To order, go to Amazon.com and type in either the book title, Because
People Are Dying, or the ISBN: 0982189923

~~~~~~ end of announcement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From what I can see of the book, it is not a technical book and rather is what I tend to call a "popular audience" book, one intended to bring awareness of something -- in this case, radiation nutrition and radiation hormesis -- to a wide mainstream audience of non-technical persons, primarily everyday consumers, and in a casual style, much akin to that found in a newspaper article.

As many of you may already know, I have, for many years, been a quiet proponent of radiation nutrition, that is, the concept that exposure to radiation from natural sources at a level ranging from 10 to 400 times higher than normal background radiation levels found in most parts of the world can be beneficial to humans, animals and all other life forms, and I have for years operated an email list group at Yahoo Groups devoted to the topic of radiation nutrition and radiation hormesis. The name of the list group is Radiation Hormesis, and you may visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups at:
Please be advised that this is a select membership group, which means that anyone applying to join the list group must first have their requst to join approved by the list owner or moderators. To that end, if you wish to apply to join the list group, you will need to tell us why you wish to join, so that we may discern that you are a serious and sincere applicant and not a spammer, flamer or web troll.

I also operate a website devoted to the topics of radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition; you may find the website at http://radiationhormesis.vpinf.com/


with care,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcing New List Group: Spiritual Enlightenment

Much as I have mentioned in a few posts over the last day or two that I've sent to my Spiritual Surrender, Release Technique and Spiritual Healers list groups, I have decided to start a new list group devoted to the discussion -- from a practical and pragmatic point of view (versus intellectual, academic or analytic) -- of spiritual enlightenment. While the list group is primarily devoted to persons who have had significant enlightenment experiences, it is open to anyone who wishes to join.

I have reproduced below the Description of the list group from the group home page at Yahoo Groups:

This list group is a pragmatic list group devoted to the topic of spiritual enlightenment from a practical and useful point of view, and thus it is NOT for idle intellectual, analytic or academic discussion of enlightenment, which I personally feel to be nothing more than mental masturbation.

This group is operated by Vinny Pinto; I am a mystic, spiritual healer and R&D scientist with a graduate degree in the sciences. I operate a number of informational websites & email list groups on topics in the realms of spirituality, science, alternative health, strange science & mysticism. Perhaps my two most closely-related list groups to this one are my Spiritual Surrender list and my Release Technique list (devoted to the work of American spiritual teacher Lester Levenson.)

The focus of this list group is practical and pragmatic discussion of the state and experience of enlightenment, and it is primarily intended to serve persons who have had significant enlightenment experiences that have changed their lives.

Please note that fanaticism, zealotry and fundamentalism have no place on this list; I embody none of those things, and rather, I am a very happy and relaxed person who has had a number of enlightenment experiences since the age of 7 and simply finds this whole topic to be much fun!

Remember: one rule on all of my list groups is that all posts must be signed with the poster's first and last name, and all posts must display a good degree of literacy. More info on rules may be found in the Welcome file in the Files section of this group.


If you wish to join the list group, you may join by visiting the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, at:
or by sending an email to

And, once you have joined and wish to send an email, well, the group email address is:


with care,

Heads-up: My Recent Post on My List Group of Portal Opening in SE Arizona

This is just a very quick note to advise you -- at least those of you who may be interested -- that about two weeks ago I sent a rather lengthy post to my Time Space Doorway list group (at Yahoo Groups) about an upcoming three to four day opening of a natural interdimensional and space portal located in the mountains in SE Arizona.

For a bit more info, here is the brief announcement that I made about the matter at that time on my Facebook page and on my pages at Twitter, Kwippy, Brightkite and all those other silly "Web 2.0" sites:
If you're interested in things such as interdimensional portals, it seems that one of the two powerful natural interdimensional portals (IDPs) in the mountains of SE AZ will be "opening" for about 3 days in about 3-4 weeks from now. While I can provide the approximate dates to interested parties, I can't, for obvious reasons, reveal the exact location -- you either know it or you don't; you know the drill!

If you wish to read my entire announcement, which includes details and relevant background, please feel free to read my full post on this topic at my Time Space Doorway list group at Yahoo Groups; home page may be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TimeSpaceDoor/ or, if you are not yet a member, you may join by sending an email to:


with care,

My Reply to Folks Who Ask "Vinny, What Do You Think About Chemtrials and HAARP, etc?"

I have recently received several private emails asking me what I think about so-called chemtrails and some other, supposedly related things which also seem to be the obsessive focus of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Here is one recent set of questions from a correspondent, along with my reply, which I originally sent earlier this evening by email:

At 11:34 AM 4/21/2009, Clarke wrote:
Dear Vinny,

I read with much hilarity your [humorous] posts about chemtrails.....

And then I got curious and tried to find past chemtrail postings in the group archives, but the search does not appear to be working.... oh well....

Which prompts me to ask: What's your take on chemtrails?

A couple of years ago we decided to suspend disbelief and thoroughly investigated the web-hype about them, watched the video, etc. And then proceeded to be thoroughly freaked out anytime we went outside and looked up.... Of course, further investigation about these matters will soon lead one to Don & Carol (Croft) and Towerbusting & HAARP and all of that, which will freak one out further anytime a cellphone tower is encountered, "hey wait, where's my tinfoil hat".... Which seems to trod rampantly over the good work done by Reich....... At which point we had to step back and get some fresh air and say 'what's the deal with the chemtrails'?....

Whaddya think, any grains of truth in this venue of thought, or is it all runaway hype? Interested in your thoughts... And if the topic has already been beaten to death in one of your forums somewhere, well the Search doesn't appear to be working so I don't mean to burden you with an already-answered question.....

And here was/is my reply to him:

Hi Clarke:

I have covered my opinion on these silly "the sky is falling" topics briefly in the past on some of my list groups, but, briefly, I am sure that you can tell my attitude from all the kinda "fear" things simply from a close reading of my most recent emails on chemtrails, that is, the ones which you have just referenced.

Life is not for worrying, but rather for loving and enjoying and appreciation, and..... the idiots who obsess about these things and worse, those who rant and rave about these things, are intensely unhappy -- and often very angry as well -- people who are compulsively searching mindlessly for ever more reasons to worry and feel bad, and they are also, in a vampiristic way, trying to recruit ever more people for their "fear bandwagon", for that is simply one of the many "fear and try to control everything" programs inherent in human nature which is operative when one is not conscious and not in the Heart, and rather, when one is on autopilot, a slave of the random programs and recordings inherited by the ever-frantic and ever-restless local mind (aka "the ego".) And so it is.


with care,

A Note re the Passing of Famed Spiritual Healer Dr. Willard Fuller, D. Th.

I wish to report that my friend and colleague Dr. Willard Fuller, the hellfire-and-brimstone Baptist minister turned internationally-famed beyond-religion non-denominational spiritual healer, died on April 8, 2009 at the age of 94, at a hospital near his home in Lloyd, Florida, after a short illness. Dr. Fuller had been active until the last weeks of his life in teaching seminars in divinity and healing from his home in Lloyd. He had become widely known as a spiritual healer starting in the 1960s and over the next 40 years, as he traveled the USA, and particularly the east coast, holding revival-style non-denominational meetings in tents and conference centers where many hundreds of persons each year experienced spontaneous healing of dental problems and broken bones. Dr. Fuller had been a traditional hellfire-and-brimstone Baptist minister throughout the 1950s, and then, in the late 50s, he became very ill with a serious chronic illness. When Western medical doctors informed him that they could not help him, he went into the forest alone for a 3-day fast without food or water, and, during that fasting meditation, his illness disappeared, never to return. However, in the aftermath of that healing experience, he found that he was a changed man. He quickly became totally disenchanted with the limitations and proscriptions of the Baptist religion, and he was guided by Divinity to go out and start preaching a much broader non-denominational theology, and to start performing spiritual healings in public, at revival-type tent meetings, as a way of demonstrating the power of Holy Spirit and Divinity.

He was further guided by Holy Spirit that while there were a number of spiritual healers who demonstrated their abilities in public, none of them ever tackled challenges such as missing or broken or infected teeth, nor broken bones, as these were widely viewed as "too difficult" to respond quickly to spritual healing. And so, he was asked to start offering public demonstrations of spiritual healing, but focusing primarily upon repairing or replacing broken, damaged, missing or infected teeth, and also on fixing broken bones.

I communicated with Dr. Fuller by phone, email and postal mail occasionally from about mid-2001 onward, and we met in August of 2004, when I flew to Florida to visit with him and his wife and to take a seminar with him across a long four-day weekend, during which time I stayed at a tiny, tired and care-worn but delightful motel located at a highway truck stop named Big Bend Auto Truck Stop just off Rte. I-10/SR-8/SR-59 near Dr. Fuller's home. The truck stop also sported a very unique restaurant (its name changed, and continues to change, every few years, so I will not bother to give it a name here, as it would be meaningless), located just yards from my hotel, which had been in business for over 60 years, and I quickly fell in love with the people at the diner and with the food at the diner.

During my visit, I met some folks who were what I tend to call "health nuts", that is, they were primarily fundamentalist and militant followers of Donna Gate's Body Ecology Diet and/or Sally Fallon's Traditional Diet version of the Weston A. Price diet (now, there is nothing at all wrong with either of these diets, but I do tend to have an allergy to anyone who is a fundamentalist purist follower of anything. Once I mentioned how much I loved the diner, they were uniformly "grossed out"; they each quickly and loudly announced that they despised the diner and its worn shabby interior and also the food, which they labeled as "deadly, greasy, artery-clogging American junk food", and they loudly complained that the food would likely kill them in short order were they to eat there. Much to their dismay and obvious disapproval, I simply smiled, and quietly and steadfastly maintained that there was nothing wrong with eating such foods at times, so long as it was eaten with Love, Grace, gratitude and appreciation, and I reminded them with great glee that I made a point to eat a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon and homefries each morning at the restaurant during my stay!

Interestingly, on the last day of my visit with Dr. Fuller, I happened to mention to him my appreciation and enjoyment of the motel and the tiny diner and its food, and his face immediately lit up with glee as he informed me that this diner (located near his home) had been his favorite eatery for over 30 years, and that each visit to the diner was, for him, a visit to a Paradise on Earth. It seemed to mean a lot to him that I had enjoyed the little motel and the diner whereas, he told me, many of his other visitors over the years had apparently treated both establishments with scorn and derision.

Interestingly, Dr. Fuller also mentioned to me at least twice that it is well-known in the spiritual healing world that it is always much more difficult for a spiritual healer to perform spiritual healing work for themselves than for others, and, as one reminder of that, he pointed to my many missing teeth and broken teeth (they are due to the fact that at one time I had 48 amalgam fillings, which were removed back in the early 1990s, and I have never bothered to wear cosmetic dental appliances such as partial bridgework to cover up the gaps in my smile) and told me that he too had a great many missing and broken teeth and that he had finally resorted to having his mouth fitted by a dentist with upper and lower bridgework.

Dr. Fuller's website, at www.willardfuller.com is still "on the air", and his wife, the Rev. Althea Fuller, will continue carrying out part of their non-denominational spiritual ministry over the upcoming months.

with care,