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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Reply to Folks Who Ask "Vinny, What Do You Think About Chemtrials and HAARP, etc?"

I have recently received several private emails asking me what I think about so-called chemtrails and some other, supposedly related things which also seem to be the obsessive focus of conspiracy theorists everywhere. Here is one recent set of questions from a correspondent, along with my reply, which I originally sent earlier this evening by email:

At 11:34 AM 4/21/2009, Clarke wrote:
Dear Vinny,

I read with much hilarity your [humorous] posts about chemtrails.....

And then I got curious and tried to find past chemtrail postings in the group archives, but the search does not appear to be working.... oh well....

Which prompts me to ask: What's your take on chemtrails?

A couple of years ago we decided to suspend disbelief and thoroughly investigated the web-hype about them, watched the video, etc. And then proceeded to be thoroughly freaked out anytime we went outside and looked up.... Of course, further investigation about these matters will soon lead one to Don & Carol (Croft) and Towerbusting & HAARP and all of that, which will freak one out further anytime a cellphone tower is encountered, "hey wait, where's my tinfoil hat".... Which seems to trod rampantly over the good work done by Reich....... At which point we had to step back and get some fresh air and say 'what's the deal with the chemtrails'?....

Whaddya think, any grains of truth in this venue of thought, or is it all runaway hype? Interested in your thoughts... And if the topic has already been beaten to death in one of your forums somewhere, well the Search doesn't appear to be working so I don't mean to burden you with an already-answered question.....

And here was/is my reply to him:

Hi Clarke:

I have covered my opinion on these silly "the sky is falling" topics briefly in the past on some of my list groups, but, briefly, I am sure that you can tell my attitude from all the kinda "fear" things simply from a close reading of my most recent emails on chemtrails, that is, the ones which you have just referenced.

Life is not for worrying, but rather for loving and enjoying and appreciation, and..... the idiots who obsess about these things and worse, those who rant and rave about these things, are intensely unhappy -- and often very angry as well -- people who are compulsively searching mindlessly for ever more reasons to worry and feel bad, and they are also, in a vampiristic way, trying to recruit ever more people for their "fear bandwagon", for that is simply one of the many "fear and try to control everything" programs inherent in human nature which is operative when one is not conscious and not in the Heart, and rather, when one is on autopilot, a slave of the random programs and recordings inherited by the ever-frantic and ever-restless local mind (aka "the ego".) And so it is.


with care,

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