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Saturday, May 23, 2009

In the Tarot Deck, I Am "The Fool"

This brief note is triggered by a recent discussion on my friend Marueen's Facebook Wall about the concept of "The Fool", and by the fact that I am sometimes asked by friends on social networking sites such as this one which card or character in the Tarot deck I most identify with. I tend to hate such inane questions, but in this case, I have a ready answer. And so, here is my answer:

For myself, whenever I look at a deck of tarot cards, I never identify with cards such as kings, knights or pages, and rather, I always identify primarily with the card called The Fool. Why? Because The Fool signifies a person who is a fool, a madman, totally carefree, one who ignores the conventions of mass culture, one who wanders guided only by his/her own inner guidance; it denotes mystical cleverness bereft of reason, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings or currents of the world, and the wisdom of "not knowing" and "not trying", and finally, it represents surrender to the wisdom and all-knowing of Divinity, to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart.

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