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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heads-up re My Posts Over Past 18 Months to My Time-Space Doorway List Group

This is a quick heads-up for any interested persons that, over the past 19 or so months, I have sent posts to my Time Space Doorway list group on the following topics:
  • interdimensional portals and electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • the theory of interdimensional portals formed by colliding 3-dimensional worlds
  • naturally-occurring time-space portals and interdimensional portals
  • transient and temporary natural interdimensional portals
  • some observations on the Dyatlov Pass incident in Russia
  • the futility of engaging theories and hypotheses via mental activity versus surrender to Divinity and Knowing
  • updates on the interdimensional portal and space portal projects of friends and colleagues around the world
  • updates on my own interdimensional portal/space portal project
  • tales from the creators of such projects
  • notes on naturally-occurring interdimensional portals, space portals and time-space portals
Lastly, since at least a dozen people always write to ask after I send such a post, here is information on how to join the Time Space Doorway list group:

To visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, go to:

To subscribe to the group via email, send an email to:


with care,

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