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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcing New List Group: Spiritual Enlightenment

Much as I have mentioned in a few posts over the last day or two that I've sent to my Spiritual Surrender, Release Technique and Spiritual Healers list groups, I have decided to start a new list group devoted to the discussion -- from a practical and pragmatic point of view (versus intellectual, academic or analytic) -- of spiritual enlightenment. While the list group is primarily devoted to persons who have had significant enlightenment experiences, it is open to anyone who wishes to join.

I have reproduced below the Description of the list group from the group home page at Yahoo Groups:

This list group is a pragmatic list group devoted to the topic of spiritual enlightenment from a practical and useful point of view, and thus it is NOT for idle intellectual, analytic or academic discussion of enlightenment, which I personally feel to be nothing more than mental masturbation.

This group is operated by Vinny Pinto; I am a mystic, spiritual healer and R&D scientist with a graduate degree in the sciences. I operate a number of informational websites & email list groups on topics in the realms of spirituality, science, alternative health, strange science & mysticism. Perhaps my two most closely-related list groups to this one are my Spiritual Surrender list and my Release Technique list (devoted to the work of American spiritual teacher Lester Levenson.)

The focus of this list group is practical and pragmatic discussion of the state and experience of enlightenment, and it is primarily intended to serve persons who have had significant enlightenment experiences that have changed their lives.

Please note that fanaticism, zealotry and fundamentalism have no place on this list; I embody none of those things, and rather, I am a very happy and relaxed person who has had a number of enlightenment experiences since the age of 7 and simply finds this whole topic to be much fun!

Remember: one rule on all of my list groups is that all posts must be signed with the poster's first and last name, and all posts must display a good degree of literacy. More info on rules may be found in the Welcome file in the Files section of this group.


If you wish to join the list group, you may join by visiting the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, at:
or by sending an email to

And, once you have joined and wish to send an email, well, the group email address is:


with care,

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