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Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Interesting Online Article Which Mentioned and Cited Me

A Recent Article on an Entertainment Website which Included Some Quotes from Me and a Mention of My Work

The November 3, 2008 issue of FromTheBalcony, an online entertainment news website, featured a few paragraphs about me (including some quotes attributed to me), along with links to a couple of my sites, in a weekly column called "Devil's Hammer" by author Victoria Alexander (more fun info on Victoria and Devil's Hammer below...). The mention of me and of some of my research work was occasioned by the fact that the author of the column had written briefly of Art Kunkin and his "immortality" theory ( that is, his claim that one may become immortal by eating one or two fruits (he maintains that apples and pears are optimal) per week that have been exposed to radiation from natural radioactive ores such as uranium ore for a few days in a cookie jar.) The November 3, 2008 "Devil's Hammer" column/article may be found on the FromTheBalcony website at http://www.fromthebalcony.com/devilshammer.php?id=141 The several mentions of me, includng quotes and notes about some of my work may be found about one-third of the way down the page.

Apparently, Victoria, who lives in the Las Vegas (LV) area, had attended parts of the International Alchemy Conference, which was held in LV in early October of this year, and while there, she heard a presentation called "Live as an Immortal After Making the Philosopher's Stone" by Art Kunkin on his theory. The November 3, 2008 edition of Victoria Alexander's Devil's Hammer column which mentioned Art Kunkin and his Immortality theory also briefly mentioned me, as Victoria had contacted me after having met Art in order to learn a bit more about Art's claims and also about related topics, such as the whole matter of the wacky people (including myself) who, for health-related reasons, deliberately expose themselves, on a daily basis to levels of radiation from natural sources that are well above normal background level. Much as noted in the section above, the November 3, 2008 "Devil's Hammer" column/article may be found on the FromTheBalcony website at:

Victoria, in her column, mentioned me and some of my work in this area, and also provided links to my main consulting website and to my Radiation Hormesis/Nutrition website.

Incidentally, in her article, Victoria introduced me as "...consultant-mystic Vinny Pinto, who has written many articles on Kunkin's theories." In reality, as many of you already know, I have been involved in the realms of radiation nutrition, aka radiation hormesis, for several years, albeit in ways that involve more direct exposure to radiation and radiation effects than proposed in Art's book, and I have written one or two critical reviews of Art's book on my Radiation Hormesis list group. That is NOT the same as "...having written many articles on Kunkin's theories", but, alas, the world is not a perfect place!

Incidentally, the link that I have given above for the Devil's Hammer column is for the FromTheBalcony entertainment website, which seems to be a web-only enterprise. I have also heard from a few persons who have contacted me that the same Devil's Hammer column written by Victoria Alexander also appears in a weekly print newspaper somewhere in the LV area, but I have not bothered to track down the details of these reports, and thus I cannot tell you the name of the weekly print newspaper in which her column appears/appeared.

When columnist Victoria Alexander first wrote to me, I naturally became a bit curious about her, and I spent some time checking out past editions of her Devil's Hammer column articles, which have appeared on at least three different entertainment industry-related websites over the past eight years. Her Devil's Hammer column is often quite interesting, because, while its primary raison d'etre seems to be to offer film reviews, in reality, a vast amount of space in each column is devoted to all sorts of interesting phenomena and events well outside the nexus of the entertainment industry, as we have already briefly seen with her excursion into radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition in her November 3 Devil's Hammer column. A number of the side forays in her column involve topics in the realms of spirituality, alternative health, alchemy and various New Age-related realms. Perhaps more fascinating is the fact that Victoria authors some of her columns and articles on other websites under the nom de plume "Victoria Black Lovage".

One of Victoria's more interesting columns, at least to me, involved one where she described her meeting with the modern Italian stigmatic Giorgio Bongiovanni, about whom I have writtten in the past on my Spiritual Surrender list group and one or two related list groups; that column, along with a photo of Victoria with Giorgio; that edition of Devil's Hammer may be found at http://www.fromthebalcony.com/devilshammer.php?id=131.

And now, having mentioned Victoria, and having mentioned her column which discussed Giorgio Bongiovanni briefly, I must now issue a warning to my archnemesis Rick, the mad chemist from St. Louis, MO who belongs to all my list groups and who is the Charles Bukowski-wannabe who has been my nerdy sworn arch-enemy ever since he kidnapped my beloved hottie Barred Plymouth Rock hen Samantha in late 2003. The following impassioned letter is intended for Rick's eyes only, and I am sure that those of you who are not Rick will respect my wishes and will NOT read the short private personal letter which appears below:

~~~~~~~~~ FOR RICK'S EYES ONLY ~~~~~~~~~~
Dear Rick:
I beg you, PLEASE DO NOT look at any of Victoria's Devil's Hammer columns which contain photos of her, and particularly, please DO NOT look at the photo of Victoria in the edition of Devil's Hammer cited above, which shows her sitting on stigmatic Girogio Bongiovanni's bed. You see, you are a self-professsed lech and an admitted hen-napper, and... well... you see... well... that is...
you see...
...Victoria is quite cute, and obviously quite witty, and I do not want you to become obsessed with her, nor with her exotic nom de plumes such as "Victoria Black Lovage", nor with the fact that she makes custom-crafted bras and corsets for customers around the world (down, boy!) nor with the idea of pursuing her to ask her for a date, for I am certain that she will reject you. Yes, it seems to be true that one of her MySpace pages is a bit titillating (rather than provide the link to her MySpace page(s) here, I will allow you to do a bit of web detective work on MySpace, using her various email addresses, to find her page(s)...), but I am sure that she has plenty of taste and discrimination, and that, dear boy, eliminates you from the start, for you are a buffoon, a boor, a lech, and a filthy hen-napper! Oh, and I can assure you that your standard pick up line -- which involves bragging about the fact that you are a top industrial chemist, that you are listed in Who's Who in Chemistry and Plastics, and that you have more inner angst and pathos than Charles Bukowski ever did -- will get you nowhere with her! So, Rick PLEASE back off (down, boy!) and give Victoria some space!
sincerely, and with a bit of malice,

A Postscript
I have, for a number of years, been a quiet proponent of radiation nutrition, that is, the concept that exposure to radiation from natural sources at a level ranging from 10 to 400 times higher than normal background radiation levels found in most parts of the world can be beneficial to humans, animals and all other life forms, and I have for years operated an email list group at Yahoo Groups devoted to the topic of radiation nutrition and radiation hormesis. The name of the list group is Radiation Hormesis, and you may visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups at:
Please be advised that this is a select membership group, which means that anyone applying to join the list group must first have their requst to join approved by the list owner or moderators. To that end, if you wish to apply to join the list group, you will need to tell us why you wish to join, so that we may discern that you are a serious and sincere applicant and not a spammer, flamer or web troll.

I also operate a website devoted to the topics of radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition; you may find the website at http://radiationhormesis.vpinf.com/

I hope you all had fun with this post, and....


with care,

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