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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcing: New Ultra-Private and Uber-Exclusive Facebook Group for Katrinka Devotees

It is my pleasure to announce the formation of the most uber-exclusive, ultra-private, limited-membership Facebook Group in the world; a group for a tiny minority of Katrinka devotees who have, well, who have... ahem... you will see below...! The announcement follows:

The official list group name, which is somewhat truncated due to the length limit of about 60 characters, is "Men Who Have Kissed or Engaged in Heavy Petting with Katrinka, She Who Is"

The full name for this uber-exclusive private membership group is as follows:

"The Sacred Order of Men (and Women) Who Have Kissed, Cuddled or Engaged in Heavy Petting with Katrinka, She Who Is, for at Least 5 Consecutive Minutes, Without Having Been Slashed to Death By Her Deadly Claws"

Katrinka, of course, is the hottie exotic semi-retired uber-spy and ultra-assassin (who reportedly has a PhD in nuclear physics, a second PhD in cryptography, and a third PhD in the realm of diabolical assassination) and goddess incarnate who is reputed to currently reside in Los Angeles, CA; she is also widely known as She Who Is, and She Who Must Not Be Named. She is widely acknowledged to be the most exotic and beautiful female in the universe, and in all universes, and she drives men and women mad with desire when they see her. And yet she is cranky, irritable and curmudgeonly, and thus she remains aloof and cold-hearted, and remains largely emotionally unavailable to all, even those devotees closest to her.

However, it is said that once in a great while, Katrinka awards some extremely lucky and extremly rare devotee with a kissing, cuddling and petting session; it has reportedly happened at least four times in all of recorded history. Many, however, driven by deep and uncontrollable desire, do try to touch her, and they are instantly punished, slashed and shredded by Katrinka's powerful claws.

This group is a private group, with an invitation-only membership open only to those extremely rare men and women who have kissed, cuddled or engaged in heavy petting with the exotic hottie goddess incarnate Katrinka (aka She Who Is) for at least five consecutive minutes without having been slashed to death by her deadly claws. The group owner is Vinny Pinto, who has also been appointed the Chief Psychopomp and Imprimatur of the group by God.

You may find the home page for this Facebook group at:

If you believe that you qualify for membership in this ultra-exclusive and uber-private group, please contact Vinny Pinto, the group owner and the Chief Psychopomp and Imprimatur of the group; you will need to provide written confirmation of your claim either from Katrinka herself, or from her doltish but dedicated handmaiden Debra.

For the rest of you lumpen proletariat who have never kissed, cuddled or engaged in heavy petting with the goddess and ex-uber spy Katrinka, well, eat your hearts out!

By the way, the longest nonstop kissing, cuddling and petting session that the Chief Psychopomp of the Group has enjoyed with Katrinka was a bit over 12 minutes, in late February 2007 in Los Angeles. Better yet, Katrinka herself initiated the kissing and petting session.


with care,
Group Owner and Chief Psychopomp and Imprimatur of the Group

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