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Saturday, May 23, 2009

For Mystics: A Reminder About My Spiritual Surrender List Group

For those who are mystics, this seems like a good time to remind you that I operate a list group on the topic of spiritual surrender. More details follow below, largely from my original announcement made back in late 2007.

Lately, on several of my list groups, particularly on my ormus-related and exotic energy-related list groups, list members have asked me -- sometimes via the list group and sometimes privately -- for more information about surrendering one's life to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart rather than to the demands and whims of what I call the "local self" (and what many spiritual traditions call the "ego".) In fact, I received two more such communications over the past two days, including one from a friend/colleague who lamented that she was tired of releasing and letting go (i.e., as espoused in the releasing methods which arose from Lester Levenson's work) and that she wanted to "...let go of letting go." It just so happened that this concept of letting go of letting go had been a constant theme in my inner work and in my work with clients over the past two weeks, and so her comments struck a chord. And so, over the past couple of days, Holy Spirit (and, of course Daffy Duck) suggested to me that it would be fun to create a list group devoted to this broader concept of surrender, rather than the idea of using releasing as a tool of the local mind/ego.

And so, I have this morning started a new list group entitled "Spiritual Surrender" at Yahoo Groups; the shorthand group name is "spiritual-surrender". A bit more information follows about the new list group, followed by information on how to join the list group.

This list group is devoted to discussion of the radical act of spiritual surrender, that is, complete surrender of your life, breath, thoughts, feelings and actions to Holy Spirit, to God, to Supreme Heart, but without the stigma of ties to the dogma or baggage of any religious denomination, religious tradition, or religious agenda.

This group was founded by and is operated by Vinny Pinto, a degreed scientist and a mystic. The concept of letting go of the desires and aspirations of the local self and surrendering instead to the guidance and Grace of Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart is one which has emerged in numerous religious and spiritual traditions -- both Eastern and Western -- since time immemorial. The same concept has also been espoused by numerous spiritual masters, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Jean Klein and Lester Levenson (although his message has often been somewhat re-framed by those trying to market some of his work since his death.)

One of my primary reasons for forming this list group was due to a recognition of some inherent limitations in the various email list groups (one of which I operate) and forums devoted to the "releasing" or "letting go" work promulgated by the various commercial enterprises which package and market some of the "letting go" concepts of Lester Levenson, the American spiritual master. I believe that these limitations arise because most of these traditions tend to focus on releasing as a tool to achieve the goals of the local mind, whether those goals be wealth, fancy cars, travel, great health, or to be in a great relationship, and also embody the inherent idea that we must "work" at a technique called "releasing".

In contrast to the above, the surrender which is the focus of this list group is far broader and deeper and more comprehensive than that which seems to be inherent in the systems described above.

How to Join
To learn more about the list group or to join, you may either visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, at
or you may subscribe by email by sending an email to:

Lastly, the link associated with this entry will take you to my small website devoted to the topic of spiritual surrender.

In closing, I am reminded of the words of Father Theophane Boyd, the famed Christian mystic, who once wrote "Every breath you take is the breath of God."

Have fun!

with care,

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