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Monday, June 1, 2009

Heads-up: My Post/Reply on Time Space Doorway List Group

Hi folks:

For those of you who might be interested in such things, this is a heads-up that I have just posted a rather lengthy and at times humorous reply on my Time Space Doorway list group (at Yahoo Groups) to a rather strange and interesting email that I received from a man who claims to be heading a team that plans to shortly tackle a naturally-occurring time space portal in eastern Pennsylvania. I decided that it was not worthwhile, nor advisable, to cross-post my reply to this list group as well, but I am giving you a heads-up in case you may wish to see my reply and the original note; some keywords include:
[Door in Time, time portal, Sterling PA, Drago Plecko, Preston Nichols, Hilton Hotel, team, yellow school bus, antennas, AC generators, massive high voltage power supplies, cable, magnets, magnet wire, Teflon wire, Litz wire]

And, since a number of folks always ask how to access or join any list group that I might reference, here then, is that information on how to access my Time Space Doorway list group:

To join the list group via email, send an email to to:

To visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups, go to:


with care,