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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm a Ducky Daddy! We Have Newborn Baby Ducklings!

Well, it seems that I'm a ducky Daddy, or at least a ducky step-daddy or something! We have newborn baby ducklings!

While I was feeding our birds (chickens, ducks, geese, peacock, peahens) today, one of our mommy ducks (Ms. White Muscovy Mommy Duck #3) came up to me and showed me two little yellow baby ducks that cannot be more than a day old. And, she told me that she thinks that two more of her eggs may hatch over the next 30 hours or so, and if so, that will bring the number of baby ducklings to four.

This is our first baby duck hatching this year; we had been discouraging the mommy ducks from hatching eggs this year because we have a bit of a duck overpopulation problem! I will post fotos on some of my sites soon, hopefully!

with care,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Tale of a Sacred Healing Site in Colombia and of a Marian Apparition

Hi folks:

I have a brief tale for you that may likely appeal primarily to mystics who also have an interest in strange science, as this story contains a meld of elements, including Marian apparations (that is, appearances of the Blessed Mother) with pre-Columbian Incan sites, dinosaur bone fossils, ancient 500 year-old Spanish ruins, geomagnetic anomalies and a reputed sacred healing spot in a pristine natural setting with the purported healing powers of Fatima or Nordenau.

I was approached recently by the land manager for a family which owns several large farms in Colombia; it seems that they have long been aware of a zone about 80 feet in radius, located in a pristine wilderness area on one of their farms, that seems to exhibit strong gravitational, electromagnetic and magnetic anomalies and also seems to exhibit powerful healing properties. Most people who enter the location seem to either report that they feel heavier, as if the the gravitational pull of the earth were greater in that region, and many report feeling strange sensations in their bodies as well, including whirling and spinning sensations, and there have apparently been a number of reports that magnetic compasses and electronic equipment behave very strangely if brought inside the zone. And, a number of locals living in the nearby area, along with a scattering of paranormal researchers from across South America, have apparently reported a number of powerful healings of humans and livestock who have been brought to visit the site.

Interestingly, the zone happens to be located just a few hundred feet from the ruins of a 500-year old Spanish building that had been the site of a famous Marian apparition over 120 years ago, where local lore has it that the Blessed Mother, in a burst of blinding white light, appeared to a local woman, blessed her and also gave her a message to be delivered to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church; it is also claimed that the message turned out to be nearly identical to the third and final message or secret of Fatima which was imparted by Our Lady of Fatima to three Portugese children in the year 1917. A number of locals seem to feel that the strange properties of the zone are intimately linked to the earlier Marian apparition which took place in the abandoned building.

And, the spot is also located near several Incan ruins, and it is also located in a region of Colombia where large quantities of fossilized dinosaur bones are often unearthed.

During the course of our call, I was asked by the land manager if I would be willing to visit the site and spend a few days there, and to ultimately offer some advice on the likely nature of the phenomenon and also offer suggestions on how to best manage the site in terms of future public access by pilgrims and seekers, and I consented to do so if my hosts would simply pay my airfare and other travel expenses and also pay me just a small per diem fee in lieu of my normal, and much higher, daily consulting rate for onsite visits.

As a an interesting side note, I was able to agree without hesitation to visit the site, and also able to very quickly offer to accept simply a small per diem fee in lieu of my normal daily consulting rate simply because I had been given advance notice by Holy Spirit a few days earlier that I would likely receive a call such as this one, and I had been been asked at that time by Holy Spirit to agree to visit the site, and I had also been asked to offer to render the work for only a very modest per diem fee, plus travel costs, and so, by the time the land manager called me, I pretty much arleady had my answers ready at hand.

Although nothing is yet definite, it looks at this point as if I may be visiting the site for a stay of at least four days at some point within the next six months, as soon as the landowners work out the logistics of my potential visit and details of how they will handle my airfare and related travel and also my small per diem fee.

If and when my visit to the site does occur, I will be happy to share more details about the sacred site and tales associated with it on my relevant list groups at some point after my return.


with care,