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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dyatlov Pass Incident and Lost Season 6 Premiere... Odd Synchronicity

Hi folks:

I've written, on my Time Space Doorway list group and others, about
the Dyatlov Pass Incident which happened in the wee morning hours of
February 2, 1959; due to this incident and the long and spooky
reputaiton, spannig many thousnad of years, of this spot, many claim
that the spot must be an interdimensional portal of some kind. And,
the strange island in the fictional TV show Lost seems to act as a
time-space portal of sorts. A number of people have noted that Lost
season 6 premiered on February 2, the 51st anniversary of the Dyatlov
Pass incident. Is that not a wonderful synchronicity? Fun!


with care,