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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on Peter Sorcher's "Eat the Sun" Documentary Film on Sungazing

Here are some updates on Peter Sorcher's documentary film abut sungazing entitled "Eat the Sun".:

The website for the film may be found at http://www.eatthesunmovie.com

I recently noticed that there is also now an "Eat the Sun film" fan page on Facebook devoted to the film.

There is a 3-minute trailer clip of/about the film on the web; it may be found at:

I believe that the trailer may also be found on YouTube as well.

A couple of my female friends from the ID/WY area, after having found and watched the trailer on YouTube, gleefully told me that from now on, when (and if) I am trying to pick up girls (or cute jenny donkeys) in a bar or a trendy New Age venue, I can say with aplomb: "What, you mean that you have not seen the film yet? You haven't seen me?" as a pickup (or comeback) line!

The film has already been shown at the recent Mill Valley Film Festival in California, and will be shown at a few additional film festivals over the next year; I will try to share announcements of such showings here, when and as I learn of them.

 In a recent email, Peter asked me:
 "Sungazing history:  what ancient civilizations were sungazing, including any evidence as to how we might know this."

Here is the reply that I sent to him:

I talk about this a bit on my Sungazing website, at sungazing.vpinf.com -- there seems to be plentiful, if somewhat vague, information in rather reliable books and articles over the past 120 years, many of them from the realms of religious studies and anthropology, to the effect that sungazing existed as an esoteric practice in the following cultures, but largely as a practice confined to the ranks of high priests and priestesses:
  • ancient Egyptian culture
  • Native American (there are also plentiful anecdotal reports from medicine men regarding this practice; Patrick Flanagan and Gene Savoy have each reported meeting with Native American elders and medicine men who knew all about past and current sungazing practices for spiritual purposes in Native American traditions)
  • some Aztec and Incan religious traditions in the Americas
  • some religious traditions in Tibet, including pre-Buddhist traditions and some early Buddhist traditions
  • some traditions of Caucasian yoga in Russia
  • a number of traditions within the broad umbrellas of Hinduism and Jainism in India
  • a few additional miscellaneous traditons scattered around the world, usually within the past 3,000 years.
  • finally, using my Violet Moth space/time/interdimensional portal in the "time travel" mode, I once visited an ancient pre-Egyptian culture at a point about 23,000 years ago where some of the high priestesses and priests engaged in sungazing. Well. ... no, not really... ...I was lying!  ...but it was fun! ...and it sounds cute!
At one time, I had a folder containing paper photocopies of some articles from old texts and journals supporting some of the above notes; I believe that I have long since lost the folder, as I had started compiling it in back in 1987, the year that I started sungazing, while I was in grad school, and I had some help with this task from a friend who was at the time working for a large metaphyiscal research institute in the Southwest which had an extensive library on mystical, metaphysical and occult practices.

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe also that German occultist/author Willy Schrodter, in his excellent 1952 book entitled "A Rosicrucian Notebook: The Secret Sciences Used by Members of the Order", asserted more then once in his book that some ancient European Rosicrucians and other occultists had engaged in "secret" sungazing practices for reasons related to health and spirituality; I believe he also cited "ancient Hindu practices" as well.

Peter also wrote to me:
The main message of the film is that our beliefs can shape our reality.  And audiences are really getting this, for the most part.  Very interesting in that half the people want to try it and the other half just think it's a very cool film.
And he also wrote:
If we are screening in your neck of the woods- possibly D.C. - it would be great to have you there for our Q and A after the film.  Keep you posted.
And I replied to him:

You may wish to consider Baltimore as well as a venue, perhaps instead of DC, because Baltimore has a long and rich history regarding alternative film and indy films. ... And yes, I would be happy to do so! And, my budget and schedule allowing at the time, I would would even be happy to travel a somewhat longer distance to attend such a screening, just for the fun of it! (Like, I would kinda love to see Atlanta again! And Miamia sounds nice!)


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