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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Musings on the Theory Advanced by Physicists that the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) May be Sabotaging Itself via Time Travel

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A couple of physicists have come forward and publicly hypothesized, in a journal article, that the many failures which have plagued the CERN Large HadronCollider (LHC) may be due to sabotage by nature, wherein the LHC of the future, or at least certain particles created by the LHC in the future, time travel back to our current time to sabotage the LHC.

I must admit that I smiled when I first encountered the cluster of stories about this theory last week I am posting a few links to relevant articles below:






By the way, the two physicists quoted in the article are hardly the only two to have come up with this theory, although the seem to be among the first who were willing to come forward and formally publish a journal article proposing this idea in a relatively public venue. The reality is that a rather significant number of particle physicists and quantum physicists have been privately airing similar theories, dating back to even before the startup of the LHC, but none were really ready to air such theories in public (well, at least until now...!)

Incidentally, while we are on the topic, the physicists involved in coming up with this theory are essentially postulating that a Higgs boson, if it were artificially created in the LHC during operation, would be so destructive to physical reality -- resulting in any of several doomsday scenarios -- that "nature" (read "Divinity", or, if you are so inclined, or "God" or "Holy Spirit" or "Ground of Being") is not willing to allow this to happen, and thus "nature" continually sabotages the LHC -- which has failed repeatedly and has been down for maintenance for much of the time since its start-up -- to accomplish prophylaxis, to prevent a Higgs boson from being artificially created.

This theory, or at least a variant of it, feels entirely intuitively correct to me, as it jibes with my my own inner sense of the architecture and structure of physical reality, and it also indirectly addresses and answers one of the strange ramifications of most many-worlds and braneworld theories, the implication that there must exist an infinite number of alternate dimensional worlds, with billions more created each second.

Whenever I have attempted, on an inner level, to ask about alternate dimensional worlds, the rather firm and clear download of information that I receive seems to show that there do NOT exist an infinite number of alternate dimensional worlds, aka braneworlds, as posited by most many-worlds and branworld theories, and rather, that the number of alternate dimensional worlds is amazingly low, and usually numbers below 2.6 million (although it can, at rare times, go as high as about 90 million), and that, at this point in time, it hovers largely in the region of 800,000, with a lower potential boundary on the scale of around 70,000 alternate dimensional worlds (which would only occur if and when the universe displayed maximal coherence and grace), and my inner guidance further states that this is because nature exhibits an underlying coherence and intelligence embedded in apparent chaos, and thus nature is constantly accentuating and facilitating certain possible outcomes and extinguising others; this possibility is entirely overlooked by over 99 percent of many-worlds theories and braneworld theories, which mistakenly assume that true randomness and total free choice underlies the universe, whereas the reality seems to be that nature/God/Source/Holy Spirit/Ground of Being is always in charge, but does allow a certain, and varying, number of degrees of freedom to subatomic particles, to humans (our degress of freedom are sometimes known as "free will"), and to dogs, cats and caterpillars.

I have also been repeatedly advised, both by my own inner guidance and by a small number of intuitives and clairsentients (some of whom have visited here in person) that my Divine Grace charger, the related Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber, the Luminous Orb, and the as-yet only partly-completed Violet Moth portal (each of which are devices/technologies that I have developed and deployed here), each contribute to some degree in balancing and cohering energies in this sector of the universe, both in this dimensional world and across alternate dimensional worlds (aka braneworlds in the lingo of modern quantum physics), and that the current number of alternate dimensional worlds, which largely has hovered over the 18 months around 800,000, is a number that, due to greater grace and coherence largely imbued by the above-mentioned devices, is considerably lower than the average count three years ago, when it tended to average around 1.6 million, or for much of the 1970s, when it often hovered around 3 million.

I should, in closing, point out that any ongoing discussions on the topic will largely be discussed on my Time-Space Doorway list group at Yahoo Groups.

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