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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcing: Most Important Group That I’ve Ever Created: "Men Who Love Tibetan Ragdolls and..."

I wish to announce here the most important, profound and earth-shaking list group that I have ever created. The official description of, and announcement for, the list group, follows immediately below, followed by links which will allow you to join if you qualify. Here goes:

This list group is devoted to hottie exotic female Tibetan Ragdoll cats and the men (and women) who adore them and worship them.

And the official name of this list group is:
Hottie Female Tibetan Ragdoll Cats and the Men and Women Who Adore Them

This list group is moderated by Vinny Pinto, a scientist and mystic. I already operate over 40 other list groups, but I realized in late November 2008, during a major mystical enlightenment experience, that the greatest service that I could render to the world, and to God, would be to create a list group devoted to this topic, namely, hottie exotic Tibetan Ragdoll temple cats and the men (and women) who adore them.

I had actually been contemplating the idea of starting such a list group for several years, but I was finally moved into action in late November 2008 by two separate events, as follows:

  • The first was, as I've already noted above, a major enlightenment experience in which a Divine voice commanded me to create this list group.
  • The second event happened minutes later, when, while browsing a certain (and not-to-be-named) social networking website, I discovered that a friend of mine had just joined an invitation-only uber-private and uber-exclusive group on the site entitled something along the lines of "Wealthy Generous Men and the Young Women Who Adore Them". Well, as soon as I saw my friend's announcement that he had joined this uber-exclusive list group, I realized that this was Divine Confirmation from God that I was intended to immediately create this list group devoted to hottie ragdolls and the men who adore them.
Due to the somewhat sensitive and romantic nature of this list group, this will be the only list group which I operate, other than my uber-private and uber-exclusive list group entitled "Exotic Persian Female Genies and the Men Who Adore Them" (inspired by my adorable exotic Persian genie Jenni), where posters are not required to sign posts with their first and last name.
This list group is devoted to Katrinka, the Tibetan Ragdoll love of my life.


~~~~~~end of official announcement ~~~~~~~~~~

How To Join
Group full name at Yahoo Groups: Hottie Tibetan Ragdolls and the Men Who Adore Them
Group short name: hottie_ragdolls
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hottie_ragdolls
To Join Group via email: hottie_ragdolls-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


with care,

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