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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Note on Spiritual Surrender and the Releasing Systems

I sending this note back in September 2008 to my Spiritual Surrender list group and to my Release Technique list group (both at Yahoo Groups), and I feel that it would also be a good idea to share this note here as well.

Due to some recent interesting conversations with friends and associates, I have had a number of reminders over the past few days that is likely time to repeat one of my favorite caveats about any and all of the so-called releasing systems or spiritual surrender systems, regardless of whether one is using one of the Lester Levenson-derived releasing systems such as the Sedona Method or the Release Technique, or any of the half-dozen other releasing systems (most of which trace back to Lester Levinson's work or to the teachings of Ramana Maharshi), or any of the three or four "heart releasing" systems which are currently in vogue, or the Byron Katie system. Here goes:

The actual secret of any and all of the so-called releasing systems is NOT about trying to let go of something (such as a problem, or a feeling), nor about trying to get rid of something, but rather it is about being willing to sink down into the heart and solar plexus, into Heart and Being, and being willing to be Present (capitalized on purpose) with whatever it is that is going on inside us at that time, or whatever is trying to emerge, often as subtle (or not-so-subtle) feelings/sensations in the heart and solar plexus region. It does often take a very brief and momenty act of concentration and will to shift attention from the chattering and chirping of the head to the heart and solar plexus area, and to announce to yourself that you are willing to be present with what is going on in your inner landscape in that region.

So the two important steps of the process are being willing to sink into the heart and belly, into Heart and Being, and being willing to be present with the stuff that is there, including long-buried emotional stuff such as fear, worries, loneliness, apathy, sadness, despair, etc. And then, a final step is being willing to surrender all such things, and also any concerns or worries or fears about survival, safety, being loved or receiving approval, or wanting to control, wanting to figure things out, to what I call Supreme Heart (aka Sacred Heart), to Holy Spirit. Some systems call this letting go and letting God, and some call this "spiritual surrender".

More and more lately I seem to be encountering people who are trying to release such things from the head, using words, and in the process they are not only NOT being Present with the feelings and other sensations in the heart/solar plexus area, but they are impatient -- that is, they are trying to get rid of the feeling or the whole thing, wanting to force it out, wanting it to go away, hating the discomfort it seems to cause. Such efforts are not releasing at all, and rather are really suppression, repression and avoidance; they are not the way to lightness and freedom, and they are not the way to greater Love and Grace and Ease.

Now, I am not trying to tell you that you SHOULD be doing the process of sinking to the Heart and Being and being Present and being willing to Surrender, nor am I trying to tell you that you SHOULD NOT be engaging in supression or repression and avoiding things. Rather, I am reminding you, for the sake of clarity, that those latter things are not releasing, and they are not a path to greater Grace and Love and Ease. It is rather foolish and delusional to engage in suppression while telling ourselves that it is some type of "releasing. Ultimately, I do not care at all what you do with this reminder; I am not a preacher nor a missionary nor a zealot, and I am not concerned whether you choose to incorporate/heed the caveat which I have shared here or not, as all possible outcomes are fine with me and I am at peace with all of them, and rather, I simply offer this caveat lightly for those for whom it may be of benefit.

Lastly, a reminder that I feel that the modern-day "releasing" systems based upon Lester Levenson's work focus way too much attention on releasing, and nowhere near enough attention upon the importance of the following acts:
  • surrender to divinity, to God, Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart, whatever term and concept for Divinity works for you
  • being willing to accept and love oneself just as you are, and the entire world, just as it is.
Have fun!

with care,

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