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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Announcing a New Book On Radiation Health Benefits, Often Called Radiation Hormesis

I have been hearing for a while now that a New York City psychoanalyst named Dr. Jane Goldberg, an accomplished author in the fields of psychoanalysis and oncology-related psychotherapy, had been writing a book on radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition, particularly focused on radiation health benefits. In any case, I learned a couple of months ago from Dr. Goldberg that the book had finally been published and that it is now available. The book by Dr. Jane S. Goldberg, Ph.D is entitled Because People Are Dying. I have inserted Dr. Goldberg's announcement of the publication of the book below; that will be followed by a few of my comments on the book and Dr. Goldberg.


Because People Are Dying

The Story of a Rock, an Apple, and Cancer

by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D., with Jay Gutierrez
Foreword by Paula Gloria
Paperback, 206 pages, illustrated, 8.25" X 5.25"
Published by Sea Raven Press, Franklin, Tennessee

America is in desperate need of a health revolution. We spend 50 percent more of our economy on health care than any nation on earth. Yet, we rank LAST out of nineteen countries for unnecessary deaths. Overpriced interventions are increasing at an exponential rate and
fatalities now account for 23 percent of all reported adverse effects of prescription drugs.

The nation's top accountant, the Comptroller General of the United States, David Walker, thinks the biggest economic peril facing the nation is being ignored: it's not the falling prices of real estate; it's not the failure of banks; it's not our lack of savings; it's not our nation's debt. It's the health crisis upon us: "We have the largest uninsured population of any major industrialized nation. We have above average infant mortality, below average life expectancy, and much higher than average medical error rates for an industrialized nation." Walker warns that our health care system could easily mean the bankruptcy of America.

Jay Gutierrez has the solution. And, in her new book, Because People Are Dying, written by Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. (with Jay), and the soon-to-be released DVD by Jane and cinematographer Paula Gloria, the solution is outlined. We need to: GET BACK TO BASICS. WE NEED TO GO
BACK TO THE AGE OF THE STONE (a little like the stone-age, but without the hardships and deprivations).

Through either serendipity or divine guidance (chose your interpretation), Jay re-discovered knowledge that has been known since the dawn of civilization: the healing power of radioactive
stones. The concept of using low-level radiation for healing purposes, called in medical literature "radiation hormesis," has 100 years of extensive research behind it, and thousands of medical
studies to suppport it. Radiation hormesis promises to save countless lives, as it has already done through Jay's implementation. It promises to save billions of dollars in medical bills, as it has
already done, through Jay's implementation.

Jay's unique contribution was to find a delivery system that brings this powerful healing technology to all of us, within the comfort of our own homes. He spent five years searching for the stones, figuring out how to get the stones out of their natural habitat and back to his workshop, slicing up the stones, analyzing the stones for their chemical composition, perfecting the dosage for human application, and packaging the stones for usage. Over the last fifteen years, Jay has worked with over 2,000 patients, and has cured diseases as serious as stage-IV cancers and as trivial as eye infections.

Read the history of this powerful and eminently effective technology. Discover the politics that relegated it into obscure medical history. Find out why it is a leading modality of treatment in many other countries. Take this journey with Jay, Jane and Gloria, and be amazed, enraged, delighted, moved, grateful, and awe-struck. It could save a life.

To order, go to Amazon.com and type in either the book title, Because
People Are Dying, or the ISBN: 0982189923

~~~~~~ end of announcement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From what I can see of the book, it is not a technical book and rather is what I tend to call a "popular audience" book, one intended to bring awareness of something -- in this case, radiation nutrition and radiation hormesis -- to a wide mainstream audience of non-technical persons, primarily everyday consumers, and in a casual style, much akin to that found in a newspaper article.

As many of you may already know, I have, for many years, been a quiet proponent of radiation nutrition, that is, the concept that exposure to radiation from natural sources at a level ranging from 10 to 400 times higher than normal background radiation levels found in most parts of the world can be beneficial to humans, animals and all other life forms, and I have for years operated an email list group at Yahoo Groups devoted to the topic of radiation nutrition and radiation hormesis. The name of the list group is Radiation Hormesis, and you may visit the list group home page at Yahoo Groups at:
Please be advised that this is a select membership group, which means that anyone applying to join the list group must first have their requst to join approved by the list owner or moderators. To that end, if you wish to apply to join the list group, you will need to tell us why you wish to join, so that we may discern that you are a serious and sincere applicant and not a spammer, flamer or web troll.

I also operate a website devoted to the topics of radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition; you may find the website at http://radiationhormesis.vpinf.com/


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