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Monday, May 25, 2009

My Favorite Ormus Nutritional Products

For the past few years, about once per year, I have -- in response to numerous requests which I receive regularly via phone calls and private emails for my opinions on various ormus nutritional supplement products -- issued a post to my relevant list groups (and also one or two relevant list groups not operated by me) offering my views on my favorite ormus nutritional products. I have been reminded by several correspondents and colleagues over the past month or two that I am long overdue in sending my latest such post, containing my latest observations and notes. And so, here goes:

First, the Basics
First, as many of you who have been ongoing members of my relevant list groups for a while likely already know, I feel that the world of ormus and ormus-like nutritional supplements is filled with an amazing and very high level of hype and confusion regarding claims made for many ormus nutritional supplement products, particularly (but not solely) many of those which claim to fall in the family known as so-called "white gold" (please note that I use this term as a category or genre, and not a brand name) products. And on two closely-related notes, most of you are likely already aware of the following facts:
  • that I am not a fan of what I tend to call "tortured metal" forms of ormus, that is, so-called ormus or ormus-like products that have been produced by exposure of metals or ores to harsh extremes of heat or pH (that is, harsh extremes of acidity or alkalinity) or strong oxidizers (i.e., chlorine bleaches, hydrogen peroxide products, etc., or extreme pressure or extremely powerful magnetic fields.
  • that I am extremely wary and skeptical of the claims made for those ormus products which are reputed to somehow affect consciousness by inducing some kind of a "rush" or a "high", aka the so-called "whirlies", and also of the reasons folks have for ingesting such products. Speaking for a moment as a spiritual healer and a clairsentient and intuitive, I cannot imagine any benefits in terms of spiritual opening (that is, opening to Love and Grace and Holy Spirit) or improvement in emotional self-managment from ingesting such products, and rather, it appears to me that this is just one more instance of the bored and ever-restless local mind, aka "limited mind", also known as "the ego" in many spiritual traditions, trying yet one more way to control and subjugate experience, rather than surrender to Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and Divinity. Worse, it appears that a number of persons have damaged themselves in using questionable so-called ormus nutritional supplements in an effort to reach such temporary and transient effects.
The Ormus Nutritional Products that I Enjoy Most
Because I am well-known in the field of ormus-related nutritional supplements and the related field of exotic energies and because I have worked, over the years, as a consultant for a number of producers of ormus products, I often receive free samples of ormus products from producers/vendors around the world hoping to get my endorsement for one or more of their products. Nonetheless, in spite of this fact, there are only a tiny handful of ormus-type nutritoinal supplement products that I personally like and would be willing to mention to other researchers and experimenters as something which which they might wish to play. In fact, of all the free ormus products that I have ever received from vendors hoping for an endorsement, NONE of those products has ever won any endorsements from me, and rather, the few products that I do like and that I feel are effective were products that had NOT been sent to me as freebies by vendors hoping for an endorsement. So, in my estimation, there are some very good ormus products out there, but, from my viewpoint, they are relatively few.

Here is my relatively short list of the ormus-type nutritional supplement products which I most like:
  • Magnetite effect ormus water (aka MEOW), produced by exposing a sealed bottle of water or other liquids to a mass of selected magnetite ore, usually for a period of several days. If you wish to learn more about MEOW technology, includng history, claimed effects, and how to make MEOW water yourself, please feel free to visit my MEOW website, at http://ormuswater.vpinf.com/
  • Many of Danae Harding's Ancient Tek (aka Ancient Technologies) ormus-type nutritional products, and particularly the following: her Signature Elements products called Aetheric Gold, Sun & the Stars (which contains aetheric gold, platinum and palladium with trace minerals), Spark of Life (aetheric-energy charged water, aka "Sparky Water"), Glacier Milk (a white clay powder), the two skin creams called Pharaoh's Cream and Comfort Zone cream, and the body sprays called Beautiful Face (aetheric gold spray), Appealing (aetheric copper spray) and After Sun (aetheric gold spray). You will find Ancient Tek's website at www.ancienttek.com If you are interested in ordering products, all orders must be placed by phone or email (or, lacking Intenet access, via postal mail); their phone number is 719-783-0310 (Colorado, USA, so located in US Mountain Time zone), Danae's email address is danae713@yahoo.com (that is, danae713 [at] yahoo [dot] com), and their mailing address is Ancient Tek, 713 Ernest Ave., Westcliffe, CO 81252 Incidentally, I have heard reports from a number of folks over the years that it can be hard for new customers to get initial permission to purchase products from Ancient Tek, and so, please feel free to mention my name when and if you contact them, and to also mention how you learned of their products.
  • EM fermented brews which have been brewed to contain high levels of antioxidants, syntropic/negentropic properties and ormus-like effects. You may learn far more about EM's ormus-like effects in my past posts which may be found in the message archives of my EM-Ormus list group (at Yahoo Groups), or in some of my lectures on the topic which are available as audio files from some sources, including from Barry Carter, at bcarter@igc.org., that is bcarter [at] igc [dot] org)
  • Although I have tried so-called ormus trap water from many sources and many vendors, the only one which has particularly impressed me -- and this one impressed me very much -- is the Cherokee Tears (formerly called Tears of Treyhlata) trap water from Cherokee Gold, produced by Thomas Geckler in the magical mountains of Georgia. I also like the trap water device which Thomas markets; it is "gently designed" and avoids the use of over-powerful magnets so commonly found in many other trap water devices, which often seem to produce detrimental effects. You may find Cherokee Gold's website at http://www.cherokeegold.net/whoweare.html
  • In the realm of sea mineral concentrates, I most like Sea Crop from Amborsia Technology, which seems to have a higher content of ormus-like forms of minerals and trace elements than any other sea mineral concentrate products which I have tried. You may find the Ambrosia Technology Sea Crop website at http://www.sea-crop.com/ and their phone number is 360-942-5698 (West Coast USA, so Pacific US time zone) or by writing them at info@sea-crop.com (that is, info [at] sea-crop [dot] com)
  • Lastly, I will somewhat reluctantly mention my own two experimental water products (each is sold in factory-sealed spring water bottles) called Divine Grace Sacred Water and Luminous Orb Sacred Water, and I mention them lastly and only hesitantly because I do not see them as nutritional supplements but rather as energetic (as in exotic energies) and spiritual supplements and because I do not market them all to consumers, that is, to the general public, but rather, they are experimental research products which I offer on an extremely limited basis only to fellow researchers and experimenters and/or to those who are sincerely on a full-time spiritual path. I feel that both water products seem to exhibit some at times remarkable effects, and this is backed up by some anectodal reports which I have received from colleagues and other experimenters who have drunk the water. If you wish to learn more about the Divine Grace Sacred water, you are free to visit the website at http://etheric.vpinf.com/type1-exotic-energy-water-charger-1.html and, if you wish to learn more about the Luminous Orb water, you will need to read my past posts on the Luminous Orb and the water on my Elixir Vitae list group (at Yahoo Groups),and you are also free to visit the very biref Lumious Orb Sacred Water page at http://etheric.vpinf.com/luminous-orb-water.html However, please note, as noted prominently on the Luminous Orb Sacred Water Page, that access to this water is very limited, even far more so than for the Divine Grace water, and only pre-approved applicants may order the Luminous Orb water.

with care,

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