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Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Update to My Earlier Note re the 1st Int'l Ormus Conference at Enota Retreat Center in GA on Labor Day Weekend 2009

Hi folks:

I have just heard from Thomas Geckler, the event organizer/promoter, that Danae Harding and Vernon Roth are no longer scheduled as speakers, and thus I am retracting Thomas Geckler's earlier-reported confirmation that they were "confirmed speakers".

Incidentally, on a closely related note, the means by which Thomas advised me that Danae and Vernon would no longer be appearing at the conference was via a comment note that he sent to my Wall post on Facebook about the ormus conference. In that note, he had written (at about 8 AM on 8/14/2009):
FROM Thomas A. Geckler: "Well, now Vernon and Danae have cancelled suddenly with no notice. Sorry. I thought their word was good."

Witin an hour or two of the appearance Thomas's above-cited comment note, I replied to his note with the following two replies which are reproduced below:

FROM Vinny Pinto: Thomas, thanks for the update. And, some notes regarding your comments:

You wrote "...have cancelled suddenly with no notice. Sorry. I thought their word was good."

Here's my view, as one who is regularly invited to present at events across the world (and who rejects over 95% of such invitations):

1) First, you stated that they canceled "without notice". It looks to me, even if they were truly "confirmed speakers" (see below for notes on how this term is often misused by promoters), that they've given you almost a one month advance notice. That is, to me, a very liberal advance notice!

2) In my world, a promoter is NEVER allowed to claim that I'm a "confirmed speaker" until and unless I've received cleared prepaid funds from the promoter for air travel, car rental, and hotel room/meals, and all or part of the speaker's fee. So, to me, they would have been "confirmed speakers"ONLY if they had received cleared prepayment from you, else they would have been "tentative speakers"!
FROM Vinny Pinto: BTW, a followup note:
Thomas, from my point of view, Danae and Vernon would have been the PRIMARY reason for attending such an event. In fact, in contrast, some of the other names on the list of speakers tend to make me want to puke (as in "toss my cookies"...)

So, Thomas, you are the event organizer, and thus, of course, you are free to run the event in any way you wish, but me...
If I were in your shoes, I would toss out some of the other "confirmed speakers" (which I suspect were/are really "tentative speakers") and I would then use the freed-up budgetary funds to greatly sweeten my financial offer to Danae and Vernon to induce them to appear, perhaps by greatly increasing their speaker's fee and greatly sweetening the other customary perks/benefits (i.e., prepaid airfare, other travel expenses, etc...!

[End of quoted comment messages from Facebook Wall]

with care,

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