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Thursday, August 13, 2009

News: Official Premiere of Peter's Sungazing Film "Eat the Sun"

Hi folks:

Here, for now, is just a brief announcement of the official premiere of Peter Sorcher's sungazing documentary film, entitled "Eat the Sun", and I am sure that it will be followed up at a later date with further posts offering more information.

As you may remember, there was an unofficial premier of an early cut of the film a couple of months ago at a small arts film festival in Seattle, WA. Filmmaker Peter Sorcher has recently advised me that all editing for the final release version of the film will be completed within the next 30 days or so, and that the film will make its official premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival in California (USA) in October 2009; the film festival runs from Oct 8 thru Oct 18, 2009.

The film contains lots of footage of a number of well-known sungazers, including myself. Peter and his film crew spent a day here several years ago filming me sungazing and talking about sungazing. The film should be fun...!


with care,

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