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Friday, July 17, 2009

Upcoming Notes on the Joe Cell and Joe

Hi folks:

This topic will primarily be of interest only to researchers and experimenters in the realms of strange science, so-called "free energy", and the wild and wooly world of Joe Cell research. I sent the following note this morning to my Exotic Energies list group and my Joe Cell list group (both at Yahoo Groups), and followups on this topic will be sent to both of these list groups as well.

As many of you may already know, the Joe Cell is a device consisting of coaxially-arranged concentric stainless steel tubes and "charged" water which is claimed to be able to receive and accumulate aetheric energy (aka "orgone energy") which has developed quite a following in some sectors in the worlds of strange science and free energy research, and, on the other hand, is shunned and scorned (largely on the grounds that it is almost impossible to successfully replicate, and also due to the excessive, and at times bizarre, rhetoric of some the modern-day promoters of the Joe Cell) in other sectors of those worlds. And, as you may also already know, the claims most frequently made about the Joe Cell are that if a properly-charged Joe Cell (and a review of the field seems to indicate that fewer than one out of 800 Joe Cells which are built by experimenters ever reach this stage...) is properly installed on a pre-OBD gasoline-fueled automobile engine (that is, one not equipped with an OBC or OBDII engine computer and instead equipped with traditional carburetor and ignition coil and distributor) then, after the passage of a certain amount of time known as a break-in or conditioning period (during which the engine is believed to become slowly saturated with orgone energy), the vehicle may exhibit greatly improved fuel mileage, greatly improved power and reduced emissions, along with cooler engine temperatures and a much quieter engine.

Very few installations of Joe Cells in gasoline-powered motor vehicles have yielded the claimed/desired results, and, of the perhaps twelve Joe Cell success stories that are somewhat believable, most of them took place in Australia, with perhaps two or three in the USA. In late 2007 I related, on a few of my list groups, and on my Jenny Cell website, the tale of my visit with one of the few successful Joe Cell experimenters (now deceased) in the USA and my impressions of his Joe Cell-equipped 1973 Ford pickup truck (with over 430,000 on the original engine). In my tale, I shared my observations of the performance of the engine and also shared a rather astounding tale of an amazing test drive in the truck that I experienced firsthand.

Some few folks who have worked with Joe Cells have gone well beyond the original claims that a properly-constructed, properly-charged and properly-installed Joe Cell will improve fuel mileage and improved engine power, and have claimed that their Joe Cell-equipped vehicles eventually reached a point where they operated on the Joe Cell alone, consuming no gasoline, and some of these enthusiasts have also claimed that their vehicles concomitantly floated several inches above the ground, that is, that the bottoms of the tires were observed to be suspended several inches above the roadway.

Although it is widely acknowledged that the Joe Cell was first created in working form by an Australian mechanic/tinkerer/experimenter named Joe, there are a lot of conflicting and confusing stories floating around the Internet about the exact origins of the Joe Cell and also about Joe's role in the development of the technology. There have also been repeated assertions on Joe Cell-related websites, list groups and forums that the technology can be traced to a similar type of stainless steel cylindrical water cell -- likely an electrolytic water cell, that is, if it existed at all -- that was reportedly installed by American Army mechanics in the field on US Army tanks operating in the Sahara Desert during World War II in order to improve fuel mileage, but these claims have been rather confusing and contradictory, and the claims also raise new questions since they seem to be entirely undocumented and unverified.

My own observation on this matter, after having done considerable research, is that it appears that the Australian automotive mechanic/tinkerer/experimenter Joe Booker, who first developed the Joe Cell, never communicated clearly and completely to other experimenters the exact design and construction details for his Joe Cell devices -- largely because he had originally developed the Joe Cell solely to satisfy his own experimenter's curiosity, and he had never intended to share the complete details of the technology with others, and also because (and this and related factors will be addressed in more detail in a later section) the Joe Cell is quite obviously not simply a nuts-and-bolts hardware technology, but rather an exotic consciousness technology, wherein the success of the device is strongly dependent upon the consciousness of the builder/operator and upon certain paranormal gifts or abilities which are possessed by relatively few persons -- and thus much subsequent development work by others in the field has been based largely upon guesswork and myth, and, moreover, the vast majority of these experimenters are likely lacking the necessary state of consciousness and also the paranormal gifts/abilities needed to create a functional Joe Cell.

In summary, it is safe to say that the current-day world of Joe Cell experimentation is rather confusing at best, as few attempts to build Joe Cells have met with success, and because the majority of the most vocal modern-day popularizers of the Joe Cell do not appear to have ever been able to create a working Joe Cell installation on a gasoline-powered motor vehicle. Making matters even worse, many of the larger Joe Cell list groups are cluttered with a plethora of extremely incoherent and/or confusing posts, and also marked by bickering, contradictions and controversies that never seem to be resolved. Indeed, in recent months, one of the larger Joe Cell list groups was apparently almost shut down by Yahoo Groups because of a series of biogoted, racist and neo-Nazi comments made on the list by one of its more prolific posters.

I was approached recently by an accomplished scientist with whom I have corresponded on various matters over the past several years; this man -- whom I choose to call Tom for now, as he has asked me to maintain his privacy, at least for now -- is a seasoned scientist with many years experience in the basic sciences as well as in applied fields such as environmental engineering, and he also has a solid engineering background as well, in addition to his graduate degree in the sciences. Tom revealed to me that he has known and worked closely with Joe (of Joe Cell fame) for several years, and that Joe is not longer working with Joe Cells in any way. And, as I had long ago guessed, Tom disclosed that Joe does not venture onto the Internet, and that Joe has, until now, almost entirely ignored the various tales circulating about him and his work with the Joe Cell.

As time has passed, Tom has told me more and more about Joe and his personal history, including the fact that Joe is extremely intuitive and feels that all of his designs for exotic devices come entirely from inner guidance; Joe has mentioned that he and I each seem to get information from inner levels in very similar fashion. With Tom serving as a willing intermediary, Joe and I have communicated to some extent over the past few months, and Joe recently decided that it might be fun to clear up some of the long-extant myths and misunderstandings about the origins of the Joe Cell and about his early experiences with the Joe Cell. To that end, he and Tom have answered some commonly-asked questions, along with some of my questions, about the origins of the Joe Cell via email corrrespondence, and Joe and Tom will shortly be sending me far more information in these realms.

Among other details that Joe and Tom are planning to pass along to me is additional information about an intriguing story which Joe first related to me (through Tom's intermediacy) a few months ago; here is the gist of the basics of the story, largely in Joe's words:

In the early days of his Joe Cell research, Joe installed a very small Joe Cell about the size of a thimble on a "funny car" which was scheduled to be entered in several races on the funny car circuit in Australia. In the first such scheduled race, held near the city of Hobart on the Australian island state of Tasmania, the funny-car broke a record by 2 seconds over the previous record, which had been a bit over 6 seconds for the course. When the car accellerated at the start of the race, the front of the car did not lift up, leaving only the rear wheels on the ground (as funny cars always do at this point), but rather the car propelled horizontally forward -- with the wheels slightly off the ground; the shadow under the wheels is obvious in photographs taken of the event -- with hardly a puff of smoke from the exhaust (in contrast the the great plume of smoke normally emitted by funny cars at the start of a race), and at great speed. The crowd at this race (it was held in Tasmania, near the city of Hobart), reportedly stood dumbfounded and simply stared, with no clapping or cheering, in fact, with nary a sound. The video and still photos show a race record for the car of a bit over 4 seconds for the distance on the track-side display screen. If the wheels of the car had touched the ground during the event, it would have set a world speed record. As it was, the bizarre event led to some troubles for Joe over the next few days, and he says that he never raced the car again, and, in fact, that he destroyed it due to the controversies that the bizarre display at the event had engendered.

I will be sharing more from Joe on my two list groups (Exotic Energies and Jenny Cell list groups) as Joe and Tom send additional material. If I can get Joe's permission, I will also be sharing some other interesting details and tales about Joe's storied life.

I want to pause here and thank both Tom and Joe for their interest in sharing Joe's version of the story of the origins of the Joe Cell, and for having approached me. Thank you.

with care,

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