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Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Reply re Elixirs Vitae, Mellow Rejuv. Elixir

Hi folks:

I have recently been receiving a number of queries from folks who
belong to one or more of my list groups, but who do not belong to my
Elixir Vitae list group, asking me questions about my strange
alchemical elixir products (which are offered to pre-qualified
mystics, alchemists and experimenters only) such as the Vegetable
Kingdom Minor Elixir Vitae, Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae and
the Mellow Rejuvenation Elixir, after having seen one or more of them
mentioned incidentally in a post on one of my other list groups or on
a list group or forum not operated by me.

Here is my reply to those inquiries: While those strange alchemical
substances may at times be briefly mentioned (by myself or by others)
on other list groups or forums, and in other venues as well, the only
place where I disclose significant information about them, and where
I (and others) disclose anecdotal tales about the effects, including
cleansing, detoxification and retrace symptoms, is on my Elixir Vitae
list group at Yahoo Groups. The group is a restricted-membership
application-only list group, meaning that you cannot join via email
unless I would instantly recognize you by your email adddress, and
rather, if you wish to join the list group, you will need to go to
the list group home page, at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Elixir-Vitae/ and click the "Join this
Group" button, and then tell me who you are and why you wish to join
in the message box.

Thanks! And... enjoy!

with care,

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