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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Note for Those Who Enjoy Wild Conspiracy Theories and/or Really Weird Tales

Hi folks:

This post is a bit unusual for me, and it is primarily for those who enjoy wild conspiracy theories and/or really weird tales. It seems that there are some people in this world who insist that there exists an exotically beautiful and alluring shapeshifter female cat/human, named Katrinka, who, they claim, is immortal, has existed on earth since before life appeared in the biosphere, and who is the goddess/deity called She Who Is in occult literature and in conspiracy theory circles, and who is the founder of numerous fabled organizations -- oft-discussed in occult circles and conspiracy theory venues -- ranging from  the Bavarian Illuminati and the Bilderberg Cabal to the Monastery of the Seven Rays, the True Rosicrucians and the Mystery School. They also assert that Katrinka is the guiding  force behind most world political dramas, ranging from World War I and World War II to numerous assassinations.

They further claim that Katrinka, largely out of boredom and ennui, worked as a hottie exotic female freelance contractual ultra-spy and uber-assassin for government agencies around the world from 1945 through 2005, when she supposedly went into semi-retirement. It is also claimed that Katrinka is in cahoots with "alien grays" and alien "reptoid reptilians" who do her bidding. The whole tale is both very bizarre and yet extremely funny and entertaining, albeit in a slightly sick and macabre fashion, and, if you wish to see these claims and tales first-hand, then you will want to visit the website where many of these claims have been aired by various posters and commenters, at:

or, for a shorter URL:


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