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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Considering Creating and Online Map of Class 1 Spacetime Anomalies on Earth

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I am sending this post to seven of my most relevant email list groups.

Background and Introduction
In light of the ongoing discussions over the past few years on my Time Space Doorway list group (and, more recently, also on my private restricted-membership Portals list group) about naturally-occurring time, space and interdimensional portals, and also about the possibility of human-created time, space and interdimensional portals (and also progress notes on some of the ongoing projects in this realm), I have recently been contemplating offering an online detailed world map, based on Google Maps -- which would include nearly-limitless zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities -- offering markers for, and site notes for, the 36 most powerful spacetime anomaly sites on earth, that is, those 36 spots on the earth's surface that -- in terms of averaged activity across time (and please remember here that spacetime anomalies tend to be confined to a relatively small number of natural sites, but the activity level of these sites varies over time) -- fall into the strongest category of strength of disturbance of the so-called fabric of spacetime (and which I prefer, for sake of accuracy, to reference as "interdimensional continuum disturbances".)

The reality is that there exist several thousand sites on earth which exhibit some type of significant spacetime anomaly, but, for the purposes of the proposed online map, I would include on the map markers and information only for the 36 most powerful sites, those that fall into what I call the Class 1 category, for these are the sites which, when their activity level is moderate or high, are most likely to lead to reports by humans of anomalous experiences related to space, time or alternate dimensional worlds.

It so happens that the 36 strongest sites, which fall into my Class 1 category of spacetime anomalies, are all natural sites, most of which have existed on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years or longer. The Class 1 category includes no human-made portals or other human-made devices/sites; in fact, my inner guidance tells me that throughout the history of the earth, there have never been any human-made portals or other human-made devices/sites which would fall for any significant length of time into the Class 1 category of strength. While some human-made timespace portals, devices and sites do exist, the strength of the time space anomaly created by these efforts tends to cause them to fall into what I call Class 3 and below; at this time, the most powerful human-made spacetime anomaly site ranks at about 233 (falling into what I call Class 3) on a list of natural and human-made sites arranged by strength (for yet one more example of a human-made site, the partly-completed (and now permanently halted) platform site for the Violet Moth Portal in my yard consistently exhibits a Class 3 category strength that would give it a rank of about 242 on such a list arranged hierarchically by strength.)

And, if I were, in an effort to include at least some human-made sites, to try to create a map that showed all Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 sites, such a map would, of necessity, need list over 540 sites, and that is just too overwhelming a task to even contemplate!

However, a map showing only the 36 most powerful spacetime anomaly sites on earth, those that fall into what I call Class 1, constitutes a somewhat more manageable task, and so, I am proposing to create and publish online a map that would include just those 36 Class I sites on an online world map capable of showing map features and also satellite imagery of the terrain. As noted above, the map would be zoomable, and each Class 1 spacetime anomaly location would be flagged with a marker; the color and shape of the marker would provide a rough indication of the current strength/activity of the site, and clicking on the marker would display an information box that would classify the site into one of the following categories:

    * (green arrow) Green: Class 1 site; currently active. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (yellow arrow) Yellow: Class 1 site; current activity moderate. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (red arrow) Red: Class 1 site; current activity level is low. Not particularly dangerous.
    * (umbrella) DANGER: Class 1 site; current activity level is moderate. Site is somewhat dangerous when activity level is moderate or higher. The term "dangerous", as employed here, denotes possible danger due to bleed-thru (aka crosstalk) activity from alternate dimensional worlds.

Some Details About the Proposed Map
As I currently conceive the online map, which would, because of the powerful and exclusive nature of the information offered, be available only to members of my Luminous Lodge private club (at at least the Reading and Discussion Level), the presence of a marker on the map would indicate that the actual site was located within a 60 mile radius of the marker. In other words, the actual site location would be kept somewhat "fuzzy" and imprecise to protect both it and any too-hasty would-be explorers. Nonetheless, this degree of error will still allow qualified researchers employing suitable methods (whether based upon instrumentation, map dowsing or other intuitive means) to locate the exact site once they have completed a bit of additional research work, using the map marker as a starting point. As noted above, the exact locations of sites would be deliberately kept somewhat fuzzy for several reasons. A map marking the actual location of site centers to within 500 feet would likely also be available, but only to certain prequalified researchers. And, of course, although such a map would display each site with a location accuracy of 500 feet (not much of a problem, given that most Class I sites have an effective radius of effect of at least 300 feet), there is no guarantee or representation made that the site is necessarily one that is accessible by humans, or that it is located on property which is legally accessible (i.e., a site might turn out to be in a very inaccessible remote mountain range, or to be located on private posted property, or on the middle of a fenced/posted/patrolled military reservation.

Here is a Sample Online Map of the Strongest Spacetime Anomaly Sites on Earth
To give you some idea of what I am proposing, here is a link to a sample Map of Class 1 Time-Space Anomaly Sites on Earth that I have created:
or, alternatively, you may use the following shortcut link:

Please note that the four markers on the sample map do not denote real sites, and rather, mark only sample sites for purposes of illustration; clicking on a marker will display its information box, giving you a chance to see samples of text for each category.

In Closing
While this proposed map seems like a fun project, I have little interest in going ahead with the task of creating the map unless I sense sufficient interest on the part of colleagues, friends, acquaintances and members of my various list groups. So, if such a map would be of interest to you, you may wish to let me know, either via a post sent to one of the relevant list groups, or via a private email.


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