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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mineral Kingdom Elixir Vitae Now Available in 20 mg. Sampler-sized Servings or "Doses"

This note is ONLY for those of you who are mystics, or alchemists or strange science researchers, and perhaps also for those who are aficionados of alchemy products that are a million light years beyond top-drawer ormus and ormes nutritional supplement products: 

Much as I had recently promised on my Elixir Vitae (i.e., Elixir of Life) list group, I am finally offering the 20 mg sampler sized servings or "doses" of the alchemical Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae, for $796 per serving. That comes to about $40 per milligram! I am also offering a one-time-only auction of one "dose" on Ebay, at http://bit.ly/9q8uE5

And here is a link to an informational page on my main Elixir Vitae website that is devoted to the Mineral Kingdom Major Elixir: http://elixirvitae.vpinf.com/elixir-major-mk-public.html

By the way, in terms of price per milligram, this is the MOST EXPENSIVE nutritional supplement product that has ever been offered on Ebay. The second most expensive was a 50 mg sampler size serving of my Vegetable Kingdom Major Elixir Vitae, which sold in a one-time-only Ebay auction for over $300 two months ago. Very strange!

However, while it sets an Ebay record, this alchemical product is NOT the most expensive elixir of life product in the world. I have long heard rumors of two accomplished alchemists in Europe who sell 2 or 3 grams of their Elixir of Immortality product for over a half-million doillars.

And I totally mean it when I write on the information pages for the Elixir Vitae products say that I would not recommend ANY of my Elixir Vitae products, whether the Minor Elixir liquid or either of the two Major Elixir powders, to anyone. Yes, the benefits are great, but the PAIN that one goes through to get there, as old gunk on the menta, emotional, physical and energetic levels comes up, well. ...!

That is why there are the prerequisite requirements for prospective purchasers, and even then, I have seen well-qualified people -- who'd met all the prerequisite requirements and who were trained meditators as well -- reduced to quivering sobbing wrecks within 20 hours of ingesting just one small dose of even the Minor Elixir Vitae, telling me that they were were "inches" away from committing suicide or homicide due to all the old emotional garbage that the stuff had brought up.

Myself, I have ingested tremendous amounts of the Minor Elxir (17 liters over 6 months) and of the Major Elixir powders (several grams of each over 5 months), although I would NEVER attempt the complete rejuvenation/regeneration protocol...!), but it was a full-time task, acorss many months, managing the symptoms of cellular cleansing, tissue detoxification and retrace symptoms that came up! There were times that I could not even remember my own name!

And, here is one final thought on the matter: These elixirs, and the ability to create them, are, and were, a tremendous gift from Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart (that is, from Divinity), one given only about once or twice per hundred years on earth, but they are insanely powerful, and that is one reason for all the many prerequisite screening requirements and for the pricing (which was entirely set by Holy Spirit and not by my "local self"...)


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