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Friday, January 8, 2010

Heads-up: Upcoming Post on Some of My List Groups on Managing the Inner Gunk that Arises as a Result of Some Mystical/Alchemical Practices

Hi folks:

Much as I have already anounced on those list groups in question (they will be listed later for your convenience), I will be sending, later today, a post to several of my list groups offering, in detail, some practical and proven inner spiritual attitudes, tools and techniques for managing the old gunk -- and the inner chaos and turbulent emotions that often accompany such inner gunk -- that arises from sources such as karmic memory, cellular memory, ancestral memory, and generational memory when we start to allow greater levels of love, grace and/or life energy to enter our local body-mind; such increased levels of flow of love, grace and/or life energy are often encountered when engaging in certain inner mystical practices, or when ingesting certain exotic energy supplements or certain alchemical products. They may also occur, but usually to a far lesser extent and intensity, as a result of certain healing and self-healing practices such as Body Electronics, the initial stages of raw or partially-raw diets, during fasts (as in water-only fasts), or as a result of certain types of energy healing, or as a result of sungazing,or certain types of meditation.

Of course, some of this old inner gunk arises during the course of ordinary life, anyway, triggered by external stressors and ordinary life events, and, as we all know, the flow of such inner gunk is often particularly greatest during the teenage years, the twenties and the early thirties. These methods that I will share will, of course, also be extremely effective for managing such inner gunk and also for managing external stressors encountered in everyday life.

Those spiritual methods and tools for handling the old gunk that I will be sharing in that post are the methods, tools and attitudes that I have found most powerful and most helfpul across time for myself and for numerous other persons; all, when done properly, are based in, and rooted in, love and grace. I have tried, or seen, or been exposed to, a far greater array of spiritual methods, tools and techniques for achieving inner peace, and some of those other spiritual methods are useful at times for certain persons, but these that I will be sharing in my upcoming post seem to be the most powerful and the most universally effective for managing the old gunk that arises and allowing it to be released or transformed/transmuted most easefully and effectively, while at the same time tending to increase the flow of love, grace and life energy in the body-mind while concomitantly gradually reducing resistance in the local body-mind to love, grace and life energy. These methods that I will offer are not philosophical or intellectual, and rather, they are practical pragmatic and "hands-on" inner methods and techniques that work.

My post will be sent sometime later today to my following list groups at Yahoo Groups:
Spiritual Surrender, ReleaseTechnique, Elixir Vitae, Spiritual Enlightenment, Occult-Mystical List Group


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