I am a scientist, mystic and spiritual healer. My life straddles the worlds of so-called "left-brain" and "right-brain" interests. I trained at the undergrad level in electronics engineering and astrophysics, and at the graduate level in clinical psych, the health sciences and acupuncture, and have a Master's degree in the sciences. I work largely as a research and consulting scientist in some mainstream scientific fields and in fringe science, aka "strange science" fields as well.

Monday, July 15, 2013

This note is primarily intended for page subscribers/followers or visitors who may be, or may have been, interested in my spiritual healing services:

Lately I have seen a flurry of applications for spiritual healing services from persons where, in many cases, Divinity advised me that it was not in the best interests of everyone involved for me to work with those persons at that time, and so I was forced to decline most of these applications (as noted on my healing website, I decline at least 70% of the applications that I receive for spiritual healing services each year).

Well, a number of those prospective clients were, in turn, somewhat disappointed at my refusal to work with them at this time, and thus asked what alternatives for spiritual healing were available to them, since, they said, they did not feel a "click" with any other spiritual healers whose websites they had visited.

For those persons, and also for those prospective clients who might have been tempted to apply for spiritual healing services but who perhaps felt constrained by their budget in light of the requisite fee, I want to remind you that there is a totally free-of-charge alternative available 24 hours per day worldwide via the web, namely, the Receiving Divine Love and Grace through Vinny page on my spiritual healing website, at http://www.divine-heart.org/love-grace.html

If you fall into any of the categories that I have listed above, or if you simply wish to sample the flow of Divine Love and Grace that many have claimed flows through me, please feel free to access the above-linked page whenever you wish! There are no fees or charges of any kind for visiting this page.

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